Wellington, New Zealand: Te papa and a night out

img_20161104_173527Rising from my duvet wasn’t easy this morning as the freezing cold was seeping through the window cracks, giving me a chilly nose. However, I had no choice but to get up and blast the hot shower on me to warm up. Once I had eaten breakfast and packed the bag, I placed them under the bus and took a seat on the huge orange bus, ready to roll.img_20161104_170543

Today was pretty much of driving until mid-afternoon from the National Park to Wellington, doing a couple of toilet and coffee breaks. When we got into Wellington, getting slightly lost on the way, a couple of girls jumped off to get jabs while we were dropped off at the hostel. With the receptionist getting into a huff and being totally disorganised, we eventually were given cards for our rooms.img_20161104_154110

After chucking our bags in the room, we wanted to make the most of our afternoon in Wellie so we headed to the Te Papa Museum along the beautiful harbour. The Museum was huge with animal, science, art, history exhibition and heaps of interactive parts but I have to say, it wasn’t easy to navigate yourself around sofb_img_1479017585465 I was reading parts in the incorrect order, confusing myself. Some of the others I was hanging out decided to lay on some beanbags to have a drink with the view of the harbour. However, I wanted to look around the museum more, plus, I was in a weird mood, not feeling like being around people. I just needed some time to myself. I think hanging out with fellow travellers 24/7 took a toll on me. Sometimes I need space, away from other.

fb_img_1479199679150A little time on my own did a whole lot of good, where I re-joined the others, socialising again. We chilled on the comfy beanbags for a bit before collecting a voucher to receive a free dinner from the hostel. I was pleasantly surprised by the veggie lasagne portion with salad. On the side, we ordered some hot chips and a glass or two of red wine.img_20161104_153919

Here, kind of turned into a big one for everyone, where people were knocking back shots one after the other as well as dancing and chatting with the tunes rolling out on full blast. With a few people getting kicked out, a group of them moved onto another bar whereas I stayed with the bus driver and the Dutch guy, having more of a peaceful drink. Not long after, we headed to bed where I had a shower before hopping into bed.


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