Trujillo, Peru: a one-day stop-off

I didn’t know many people who had been to Trujillo but I had heard that there were some nice beaches and a place to relax. I didn’t have much time as I needed to move on but we managed to have a day here between two night buses. I have to say it’s not worth staying here as the beach is nothing special and the area is full of many tourists, surfing or chilling.

We arrived at Trujillo bus station about 5.30am, where we grabbed our bags and decided what to do for the day. We had a plan, where we would just have a day here before catching another overnight bus on the same day. We hadn’t heard massively good things about this town but we still wanted to explore.[007532]

In the bus station, we took advantage of the showers, which actually were the best ones I’ve had in South America so far as they were hot and powerful. I just didn’t want to get out of them. My friend and I took it in turns to have a shower and look after our bags. After, whilst sitting on the terminal floor, we prepared and ate breakfast of avocado rolls. We were truly hard-core backpackers, living the cheap traveller dream. It was just amusing with other looking at us in a peculiar way but we were laughing.

Then we looked for the luggage area and waited for the bus ticket offices to be opened. When they were, we found out that the bus to our next destination was leaving from a different terminal so we caught a taxi with our bags. Once we were there, we purchased our bus ticket for the evening and put our backpacks in storage.

Next we walked to the bus stop to get a bus to Huanchaco beach a little further out from the town but we were told that this was were the tourist hung out as it was a nicer beach area. On the bus, we were the only foreigners attracting a lot of attention and the bus bounced around along the road. We drove past the Chan Chan ancient ruin, which we thought we would go to but in the end, we didn’t. [001205]This is one place that many tourists go and it’s basically an archaeological site, which was the capital of the historical empire of the Chimor from 900 to 1470, when they were defeated and incorporated into the Inca Empire.

Once we hopped off the bus in Huanchaco, we went in search of a café to drink coffee and use their internet. By the beach, we found a little place sorting out different things, as well as speaking to my Mum. We were sat there for quite a few hours, definitely overstaying our welcome.

After, we strolled along the beach promenade, admiring the view. It was a sandy, golden beach but not the best I had seen in my life. Then we pondered for a while deciding what food we wanted (mainly it was me not being able to make a decision plus the added difficulty of being a vegetarian). In the end, we went to a restaurant for their set meal of ceviche, fish pieces and rice with an Inca Cola.

For the rest of the afternoon, we laid on the beach resting, drinking juice in another café and wandering around the area.

We had our bus to Mancora early evening, which became a stressful situation. Basically, we were on the bus back to the centre, where the bus station was and it took longer than planned. We could see time ticking away. [001204]We jumped off the bus, where we thought was the correct place and walked towards what we thought was the station from following Google Maps. However, unfortunately, we had located the wrong station on our phones so we were in the completely wrong place. With around 20 minutes before our bus was about to leave, we hopped in the nearest taxi to take us to the correct bus station. Our hearts were bounding with stress of the traffic and we were convinced we were going to miss our bus.

Just in time, we ran to get out luggage, checked it in, go through to the bus gate and go to the toilet before rushing onto our bus. There was literally no-one on our bus so we could spread ourselves out and relax. We had become a bit hyper with all the excitement and just started laying in different positions on the bus, which just made us giggle so much. We got given a meal and drink as well as a blanket for the night. Soon enough, I managed to find a comfortable position, where I dozed off for the night.



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