Sports day

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It is one of those days which is the highlight of the year according to most children. Today was that day. The funny thing was, that on the radio this morning, I heard how most schools would have sports day either this week or next. They were announcing for children, parents and teachers to get in contact with them so that there breakfast team could get involved. Slightly too late for my school.

As the children were galloping into the classroom with their different coloured t-shirts, I could see the excitement and impatience on their faces. Trying to settle them down was a difficult task to master this morning. When the time was ready, the children, table by table collected their water bottles and lined up in their house. We arrived on the freshly cut field, with the rest of the school in their groups, getting ready to parade and cheer to the other side, where sports day was going to commence.

I, (without my yellow top as I don’t own anything yellow) was part of the yellow team, supervising (not that they needed it as they were so well behaved) and reminding children of their events.

On your marks… Get set… Go…

The first race had started. The World Cup football challenge race. Cheering, screaming children encouraging their houses while the parents watched on the other side of the track. Time flying by as quick as a flash, completing each race in turn:
– tug of war
– sprint
– long distance
– obstacle course
– triathlon
– vortex throwing
– long jump
– class relay

Of course at the end, there was a parent and child race, and an under 3s. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a teachers race, which was slightly disappointing. (However, during the practice, the teachers raced each other doing the triathlon).

Results time. Silence. Everyone in anticipation. Crossed fingered amongst the children.

4th place … 3rd place… Yellow team were still in… 2nd place… Red team.

Yellow team had won!

Arms in the air, jumping all around, screams at the top of their voices. I think they were happy.

Such a fun, lovely morning with well behaved, sensible, encouraging children. I feel so proud of them.


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