The Philippines: Siquijor Island

img_20160820_113136The next day I got up pretty early to meet the Italian guy from my scuba trip because we were going to explore Siquijor Island on the same day.img_20160820_171939 I might as well have some company while visiting the Island.

img_20160820_113130After we got our tickets, we waited for our ferry to take up. The journey took about 2 hours even though it wasn’t too far away. When we disembarked from the ferry, we ere in search of a motorbike hire place, which was easy as we were surrounded by them. Somehow we started talking to a police guy who sorted out a bike for us. We decided to share a bike as it was cheaper. DCIM113GOPROOur aim for the day was to travel round the whole island, stopping at all the touristy spots.

First of all, the guy I was with started driving around the Island, where we picked up some petrol and stopped first at one of the beaches, Paliton. It was so quiet. I think partly because it was overcast and partly because there were just no tourists around.

Next, took a break at Banyan tree, which is 400 years old and believed to be enchanted. img_20160820_130157There was a pool to dunk our feet into, where little fish came to nibble the dry skin off my feet. I have done this multiple times before, and yet every time I’m a little bit squeamish. Randomly, there was also a monkey in cage, which is just cruel.

After, we headed to Cambugahay falls, passing Lazi Convent and church. When we reach our destination, I was sure we were in the wrong place but once we had climbed down the unstable step, we were visioned with a DCIM113GOPROview of the magnificent waterfall with not too many people. We took some photos, then walkedto the top part, where we jumped in to the pool for a swim, exploring under the fall. There was a swing but it was maned by some local and they wouldn’t let backpackers have a jump unless they paid.

Next on the motorbike, we drove around to find several quiet beaches, where we got lost at first but eventually we found these beautiful secluded beaches: Maria beach and Kagusuan beach, where we just chilled.img_20160820_144000

The last stop of the day was Salagdoong beach. Here, we ordered some Filipino food as we were starving by mid-afternoon, and spoke to a few people we met as we travelled the island. There was a huge cliff dive of about 20m, where initially I was going to jump as I was feeling cold and didn’t want my hair to get wet.DCIM113GOPRO However, I got over this and decided just to jump. It was probably one of the highest I have jumped, and I managed to scrap my toe the second time but it was extremely fun.

We had to get to the port by a certain time to catch the last ferry back to Dumeguete. As the sun was dawning, we sped through the countryside, along the beach to fulfill our mission of completing a whole circle around the island. At one stage, I didn’t thing we were going to make it as it felt like a never-ending road.

img_20160820_151436Once we had returned our bike and brought out ticket, we waited for our ferry. Soon enough, we were back in Dumguete, where we walked along the coast at night time before I headed back to the hostel. As I was getting some food, it started to chuck it down. My flip-flops had broken so I had to navigate myself bare-footed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see well due to the darkness so I stepped on some glass,DCIM113GOPRO with a few pieces engraving into my foot. It wasn’t too painful, just more annoying.

It didn’t take me too long to arrive back at my hostel, where I just chilled and showered before heading to bed.


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