Singapore: Chinatown, Flowers by the Bay and the harbour

IMG_20151113_135531Singapore is a small country which is more expensive than the other South East Asian countries. With this in mind, I decided to only spend two day here where I packed in my day. Again, it was a country I was curious about as I hadn’t known anyone who had been there and din’t know what to expect. There were a limited amount of beautiful places to visit in the main centre. IMG_20151113_114936

After attempting to sleep in the airport the night before, I easily missed taking off and landing. My journey to the hostel was a bit of a blur taking the train then walking from the station. The hostel I was staying at was difficult to find but an elderly man took me to the correct building, which was extremely kind of him. When I got to the door of the hostel, there was a phone with a number to ring. After the second time of calling, a man answered who came down and took me into the one bedroom hostel. It was a weird place, where five of the beds were occupied by girls, which looked like they were permanent resistance. During my stay, I found that these women slept during the day and deserted the place in the evening to the early hours of the morning.

IMG_20151113_185145Once I had a short nap, I headed out into the streets of Singapore. I wandered around Chinatown, which was several streets aimed at tourists selling souvenirs and expensive food. I visited the famous Sri Mariamman Temple and the Buddha Relic Temple. I walked to the Clark Quay, with a beautiful harbour and shopping centre then to the Cathedral and National Gallery. The weather was becoming cloudy but still muggy and humid.

From here, I wandered towards Marina bay to see the theatre by the bay, which is in the shape of a durian. Inside, there are many rooms showing different plays and events. Looking on to the water, the view is spectacular of the skyline and towers. Walking along the Helix bridge, I could see in the distant the Singapore Flyer with the wheel. Behind the towers stands the flowers by the bay, where there are huge statues of metal flowers. It looks incredible and a must see in Singapore.IMG_20151113_191054

After I took the train, I ate some food at Maxwells Food Centre, which had stalls of different foods at a cheap price. It is kind of like a canteen with table and chairs to eat at. There is a huge selection of food from Chinese to Indian to smoothies to Thai. This is where I ended up eating for every meal.

I went back to the hostel to rest my feet and have a small kip before heading back to the bay to take some photos of the skyline and lit up flowers as well as walking around the gardens by the flowers by the bay. IMG_20151114_134321

As there wasn’t any other travellers in my hostel, I decided to have an early night.

The next day, I grabbed some snacks (sweet potato fritters and peanut butter pancake cake), then I jumped on a train to the Botanic gardens. I basically spend the day wandering around the different gardens admiring the views, plants and animals, and having a chilled day in the blazing sun. IMG_20151114_134804Late afternoon, I went back  to the hostel, collected my bag and took a train back to the airport
to catch my next flight.

It was a swift but delightful couple of days in Singapore. I feel that 2 or 3 days is plenty time to explore Singapore.


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