Robinson Crusoe Island: Fire dancing, crabs and snorkeling


Starting my tour around the main island of Fiji plus two smaller island was getting me excited to see what this country has to offer.

With my alarm ringing, I rose from the bed early and sorted myself out, having shower and packing. I arranged to have breakfast with one of the guys before departing. Once I had eaten and said my goodbyes, I jumped onto the tour bus mostly full of British people who knew one other person. However for me, I was solo traveller ready to make friends and make memories with new people.img_20160618_104308

Heading away from my hostel, we all introduced ourselves including our tour guide, Amy, who was just so chatty and happy. Pretty much like all Fijian people.

On our way south along Queens Road, we stopped to have a look around Nadi and buy some supplies. Nadi is the third biggest city but it much smaller than I thought with several shops along one main road, where at the end is the largest Hindu temple in the South Pacific.img_20160618_143300

When we arrived at the tiny Robinson Crusoe Jetty, we transfers on to a long boat and winded down the river through the jungle and mangroves before crossing to the island. There was some on board entertainment in the form of a guitar, singing and individually dancing, which was amusing but also slightly embarrassing.img_20160618_162600y, abandoned place with music filling the air. when we slid ashore, a group of Fijians were welcoming us with guitar playing and singing.

With a welcoming, fruity drink in my hand, we checked in and got shown our room, which was a huge dormitory in a bamboo style hut. To my surprise two dutch girls I had met along the East Coast of Australia were staying there.DCIM104GOPRO

Once settled, we waited for our buffet lunch before an afternoon of arranged activities. Most of the smaller Fiji islands have a compulsory meal plan, which you have to pay for on top of the tour cost, even if you can’t or don’t like the food. Luckily, there was lots of fish and vegetables for me to eat.img_20160618_155742

There were a variety of afternoon activities which you could do if you wanted to. Straight after lunch, one guys did a demonstration with a coconut, where he showed us how to open, shave and make milk out of the coconut. It was interesting but also extremely difficult as I had a go.

Then there was a crab racing, which was basically a game with numbers on the back of a bunch of crabs. Each person received a number to cheer on and follow. I just spectated the game but it was a little entertainment for the afternoon.img_20160618_194816

A few of us decided to sunbathe in the glorious sun to top up our tans before returning back to our own countries. While lying on the golden sand, a Fujian man cooked a huge crab in a pot on an open fire on the sand and made a spicy curry with it. We all had a taste of this messy but extremely delicious concoction.img_20160618_155746

After, a glass-bottom boat was going further away from the island so the guest could admire the underwater as well as do some snorkeling, which I decided to join. Unfortunately the visibility was rubbish so it was slight disappointing. Also after learning how to control my breathe so I could swim deep under the water, I dived deeply under the ocean to take a closer look at the sea life, where i managed to give myself a slight nose bleed from coming up too quickly. I will work on this in the future.img_20160618_211321

When we returned to the island, I fell asleep on the beach while watching volleyball.

In the evening a larger group of visitors invaded the island for dinner and a show. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with people, we found a table to reserve for our group. img_20160619_090342Before food, there was a Kava ceremony, where they introduced the chief of the Island in their traditional clothes of straw skirts. Then we watched were they had cooked the potatoes on coals. With a long queue, we chose different, tasty foods for dinner. When everyone had finished their meal, we watched a fire dancing show, which was really professional and entertaining to watch with different dance moves and fire swinging around. It was such a lovely evening.


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