Things I want to do before January

As my life may change from January, I want to do several different, unusual, fun things (most of them, I haven’t done before).

1. Go to bingo
2. Go to the dogs
3. Go camping
4. Get a tattoo
5. Get a piercing
6. Go hitch hiking
7. Sleep under the stars
8. Visit 5 museums
9. Visit a castle
10. Go go-karting
11. Be a bridesmaid
12. Donate blood
13. Go to the theatre
14. Go on a bike ride
15. Do a car boot sale
16. Bake a rainbow cake
17. Have a movie marathon
18. Swim in the sea/ skinny dipping
19. Take a photo every hour for one day
20. Make a face mask
21. Do a ready steady cook or come dine with me evening
22. Eat cake without using my hands
23. Do tie-dying
24. Learn a new song on guitar
25. Go to Thorpe park or Alton towers
26. Watch the sun rise/sunset
27. Use a fake name at Starbucks
28. Host afternoon tea
29. Go fruit picking
30. Go roller skating
31. Write a letter and send it to someone random
32. ‘Post it note’ a car
33. Leave flowers on the door of a friend’s house anonymously
34. Go quad biking
35. Go jet skiing
36. Skate in a skate park
37. Make ice tea
38. Eat fresh eggs straight from a chicken
39. Do a puzzle
40. Watch a movie outside
41. Go to Arundel
42. Learn to juggle
43. Learn Spanish
44. Make homemade bread
45. Make homemade pizza
46. Drive a car in another country
47. Stand on the top of a car in public

Mid-year resolution

This may be a weird thing to do but I’m going to make a list (yes, mid-year) of what I would like to achieve in the next six months to a year.
Let’s see how many I achieve:
– learn a language
– spend more time with friends
– make new friends
– go on a road trip
– travel
– experience new things
– take up a new sport
– be a braidsmaid
– read more
– treasure those small moment
– appreciate everyone I come in contact with
– say thank you more
– encourage others
– take more photos
– write more blogs
– cook new recipes
– do fundraising
– go on adventures
– have fun, drink and party
– be spontaneous
– do something that scares me
– sleep under the stars


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