Overcoming fear – Playzone

Even though being a teacher you should be professional, it is good to let your hair down and act like a big kid (it’s best to do this where you won’t bump into any parents). This is what I did.

Not that far from me, there is a soft play area for adults. A group of us travelled by car but when we arrived, I observed many youngsters entering and felt slightly old. As we emerged in to the playzone, I thought how we were going to occupy ourselves for three hours. However, this was not a problem: we played tag, cooled ourselves down and enjoyed the slides.

The slides were immense: there was a small tunnel slide; a blue bumpy slide that entered into a ball pit; four narrow bumpy slides and a vertical drop slide from an enormous height. When I saw the final slide, I was shaking with fear but determined that by the end of the night, I would master the challenged. Some of my friends had conquered it: soon it was my turn. I climbed up the wooden steps; dragged my legs over the edge to push myself off; I looked down regretting this decision. With my heart banging out of my body and nothing to lose, I slipped off the edge; down the vertical slide, keeping my back as close to the slide causing a friction. After the initial fear, the rest was a pleasure, fun and exhilarating. I had done it: the vertical slide. Even after that first time, my heart pumped rapidly every time it went on it.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and over come that fear niggling inside you as well as having fun as an adult, not thinking about the responsibility of a class.


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