Future Plans

picture-travelInitially I wasn’t planning on staying in Australia for this long. It just sort of happened. I had a friend in Sydney, who was leaving in February because of her visa. However, I decided to stay as I loved my job, made friends and settle in to a house pretty close to the centre. I was thinking about staying in Sydney for 6 months but now it will be a year.

My time here in Australia is coming to an end. Whizzing around my head is multiple thought, new plans and time to make a decision.

I haven’t got anything in stone yet but I will slowly reveal my next step on this on-going world adventure as a travelling teacher.

My thoughts is to stay in Sydney to work to save up some more bucks then travelling for 2 months: maybe New Zealand, more of Australia, visit the Great wall of China, South Korea and possibly other places. Then, and here goes… Return to my home town, England for Christmas. By this time, it would have been two years since living in the UK. As I ponder this, excitement grows inside me from the thought of seeing, spending time and hugging my family and friends. I may even be an auntie by then.

Peace out!

Revealing plans for the next year

Slowly, I am going to reveal my plans for the next year. I am starting to feel the purpose God has for me and the plans he wants me to do. I know I am passionate about helping people, making a difference, travelling, experiencing different cultures and getting along side and working with others.

Once I have finished this school year (now five and a half weeks away), I have decided to take a year or two out to start a new adventure. Thus meaning that I am leaving my current school, and exploring new opportunities. I am extremely excited about this prospect but also a little sad, as there have been many times, I have enjoyed working with the staff and children there.

Over the summer holidays, I will be enjoying being away from children, resting and travelling. As I will be needing to raise money for several reason, I will be doing a sponsored Escape and Evade. This is where I will try and get away from my home town and get as far as I can away from it in a week. Sounds easy? There’s a catch, I can’t spend any money on transport, food or accommodation (I will hopefully be blogging through out or at least write what’s going on and post it once I have wifi).

After that, I will be travelling across Japan for 3 weeks with my closest friend, her sister and boyfriend, exploring and getting stuck into the culture. Currently, we have planned out our route and booked a few hostels.

A couple of weeks after arriving back in England, I will be departing for Zimbabwe to do some mission work with a group of people from my old church. This will make me go out of my comfort zone as I have never been to Africa, but have luckily been on mission with some of them before.

These are just some of my plans for the next year but these are also the ones that are booked and definite. I know that I will need to embrace every moment and appreciate all the experiences. As I write this, I am just leaping for joy and excitement.


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