A relaxing day in Fiji

Today was an extremely low key day because I needed a day of relaxing and sleep before starting my tour around Fiji.

Lazily, I abandoned my bed just to do the short walk to the beach and lay on my towel in the sun. It was a glorious day with the bright sun and gentle breeze with the sound of the calm waves crashing filled my ears.

While others were walking passed, playing volleyball and other games, I simply stayed horizontal, letting life pass me. It was just bliss. I had time to think and ponder life with the last week of travelling ahead of me before returning back to Sydney.img_20160624_130239

It’s kind of a weird concept as I’ve been away from my home country for 17 months, travelling and working. At the same time, I feel like I’ve just been away from normal life for 7 weeks because I’m away from work and my settled life in Sydney. I am completely blessed to have these opportunities. Where is home? What is ‘normal’ life?

I totally agree with the quote “You will never be completely home again, because part of your heart will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of living and knowing people in more than one place”.  I love travelling, experiencing new countries and cultures as well as meeting new people.

I’m still glad that 2 years ago I made that decision to embark on the unknown and adventuring around the world.

Anyway, as I was laying there, I chatted to my mum on Skype, which is a surreal situation of being in the beach on the other side of the world and being able to share it in a small way with my mum.

During the afternoon, I decided to have a traditional Fijian message class to my hostel. It was so relaxing. Everywhere I go, I always try the different massage styles. One perks is that it is so cheap compared to western prices. She just hit all the right spots.

For the rest of the day I chilled a little more by the pool and met a couple of guys who had been surfing for the day. In Fiji, there was a huge international surfing competition and today was the final with contestants from all over the world. Apparently a surfer from Brazil won.

Then I had a shower before having dinner, a few beers and kava to end the night. I trued to order a traditional Fijian meal if fish in a coconutty sauce and rice but unfortunately they had sold out.

It was such a lovely day and I was ready for the next part of my adventure around Fiji. I was going to miss being here with the welcoming Fijians and the people I met. It felt like home for a few days.


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