Bangkok: Massages and finally goodbyes

My day in Bangkok was busy due to the list of errands: washing, repacking, collecting my condo deposit and transferring money from my Thai account to my UK bank. IMG_20151104_152902The latter was more complicated than I initially thought as I had to withdraw the money (problem – exceeded my limit), then take the cash to Western Union. However, I had forgotten my passport therefore had to get a quick tuk tuk ride to my friend’s flat. The driver offered a cheap price and waited for me to run upstairs. As I handed him the baht, which I decided to give extra, he tried to refused it but he had done me a huge favour. I ended up walking away saying ‘mai pen rai’. He was gobsmacked!

After sorting out my errands, I caught the Chao Phraya boat to Khao San Road to meet up with the British girl I met on the road. I tried to make the most of my time there as I knew this would be the last time in a long time. I ate some street pad Thai and spring rolls then collapsed in a pile to have a massage. Actually, first I had a foot scrub, which I’ve never had before: my feet were so smooth. I wished I had discovered this before. Then I had a foot massage and my last time massage. They were just incredible.received_10208094479619276

Returning to my friend’s condo, I packed my bag, wished her farewell before either of us could get emotional and took the MRT to the Mochit bus station. I brought my ticket, grabbed dinner and caught the overnight bus to Koh Samui. When I stopped and reflected back, I had a mixture of emotions: sad to be leaving a city I have been living in for the last 6 months but excited about the next adventure in to my future. I will always see Bangkok as a second home with amazing memories of the kindest people, cutest kids, delicious food, incredible friends and a beautiful place.

First few days in Bangkok…

After a long time travelling on a couple of planes, I have arrived in Bangkok. I was a little scared I wouldn’t get picked up for the airport by a driver. As I walked with my rucksack, I was searching for that piece of paper, ‘Xplore Asia’ and my name. It was there. He didn’t speak much English. He just placed me on a seat and told me to wait. I waited. What was going on? Has he disappeared? One and half hours later, he reappeared with an a guy from Texas. Relieve filled me.

Once I had got to the hotel, I found out I was sharing a room with a girl from New Zealand. As it was late, I found a restaurant  as I was starving with the guy from the airport. Sitting outside in the hot, humid weather with delicious food in front of me, I realised I was in Thailand. I’m actually here and will be here for at least six months. Seems a bit crazy but this is the life I’m leading.

Even though the time difference is seven hours, I managed to fall straight to sleep that night. It was bliss.

Next morning, I started meeting the teachers on the same programme as me over breakfast. Majority of them were from the USA. I guess, these are going to be my friends at least for the next week. Between us, we wanted to do different things so we split up into two groups: one going to the Grand Palace and the other walking around the weekend market. I joined the latter group.IMG_2584

Once we had taken the BTS,  the market was in our face, full of hustle and bustle. There were narrow rows of walkways with stall and shops, which were divided into different sections. While wandering around, we soon discovered that this market sold everything. Literally everything. Round every corner, there was a new discovery. There were things like fluffy dogs in cages, different types of food, watches, clothes, endangered animals. It was all there. The deeper we went in, I felt like this is not going to end. Would I even find my way out? It was just such a manic place but I love the feel of wandering around a market. IMG_2578

It was hard to see that a man with no leg in dirty clothes crawling along the food, begging for money. This is Bangkok.

In the evening, a group of us went out for a girls birthday to a rooftop bar. The view was spectacular. No photo would ever mimic the incredible sight. Bangkok is so huge. Miles and miles of skyscrapers, dazzling lights and traffic. Crazy traffic.

Sunday was the day of relaxation along Khao san road, which is a famous road in Bangkok known for being touristy. Clothes stalls on both sides of the road in front of rows massage parlours, travel agents, restaurants and men shouting Ping Pong.

After enjoying a delicious Thai meal, glass noodles and prawn in cased in egg, we did the thing I’ve been wanting to do since I booked this trip. Back, neck and shoulder massage. It was incredible. Lying on a thin mattress while some rubs massages body. The funny thing is that they start by washing your feet. When we walked down the stairs, the fishy feet pedicure was staring at us. Yes we did. Drowning my feet in the tank of water was just amazing. The fish swim around nibbling at your dry skin. I had so much that they were masses of them kissing my feet and legs. IMG_2623

When we were done with relaxing, we travelled on a boat down the lake, where the skies opened momentarily. By the time we arrived at our hotel, we headed to the rooftop pool to relax a little longer before having our first Xplore Asia meeting, where we discovered all the members of our time.IMG_2586

Bangkok was beautiful but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.


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