Weekends in Durban: Essenwood market, UShaka beach, Musgrave centre, Bunny Chow and Markets of Warwick Video

IMG_0437The evenings have been spent doing various things such as personal development, making loom bands, and visiting a home group. We all agreed that the highlight was going to one of the Worship Central 100 gatherings, where we met the Marrianridge team and spent time worshiping and praying together.

Weekend 2 – Essenwood Market and Ushaka beach: This weekend we were a member short as N took her exit weekend and went home for a few days. IMG_7054On Saturday, some members of the team decided to stay at the hostel and relax watching South African ‘soapies’ and films. The rest of the team visited Essenwood Craft Market and enjoyed the live music, looking at the local crafts, and buying bracelets from an artist born in England! We then went to the UShaka Beach for the rest of the afternoon. We looked around the shops in the USharka centre, had a picnic, and had fun in the huge South African waves! On Sunday, we all had pancakes again and then all walked to the Musgrave Centre where I bought the team all milkshakes.IMG_7052

Weekend 3 – Ushaka beach with the other teams: The following weekend, as a team we went down to the beach with Marie and Susie (two girls also staying at the hostel). We met the TVT and Marrianrige teams there, and really enjoyed catching up with everyone. The weather was beautiful, and we spent most of the day in the sea, and in the UShaka shopping centre next to the beach.

Weekend 4 – Markets of Warwick, Bunny Chow, quiz afternoon and Braai: As the weather wasn’t very bright, some of us decided to wander around the markets around Victoria Street Market:Berea Station Market, Early Morning Market, Brook street Market and Impepho Market. While walking around, our eyes flickered around looking at the different stalls from clothes to vegetable to herbs to jewellery to craft product. One of the team didn’t have a bible so I thought it would be a great idea to buy her one to develop her relationship with God. We happen to find a random stall selling bibles in both English and IsiZulu.IMG_0449 After, we strolled along the streets of Durban, searching through clothes shops until reaching Workshops, where we need to meet up with one of the other team members to give him something. Now, our tummies were getting peckish. Even though we had brought food, we wanted more and kept seeing little cafes selling Bunny Chow. Two of us decided to go in Workshop to find a restaurant selling the traditional Durban food. Success! With huge grins on our faces, we our 1/4 bean Bunny Chow. It is basically a 1/4 loaf of bread with the crumbs scrapped out and bean curry poured over the top. I ate it the traditional way: using just my fingers. It was one messy meal even though I don’t normally like the feel of eating with my hands. Once we were satisfied, we walked to the Apartheid Museum, where we discovered it was closed. On the way back to the taxi stop, there was Zulu girls performing traditional dances and singing. On Sunday, we attended church in the morning, which was different from the evening service, with more families and livelier. After having a team meeting, two of the girls had prepared a fun quiz for us, where we laughed a lot and then they decided to give us a surprise dance. In the evening, after a couple of attempt of starting the BBQ, we all had a braai together consisting of loads of food.


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