Magnetic Island: snorkelling, rock wallabies and koalas


Magnetic island is a magical place with wildlife, natural beauty, incredible views and a hostel party scene.

Once I had disembarked the bus, I walked straight into the ferry port to collect my ticket. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a ferry going for another hour and a half. Just meant, I could sit, relax, drink coffee and make some new friends, which is exactly what I did. I met 3 girls and a guy all from England. DCIM102GOPROThe journey over to the island was about 20 minutes so it gave me a bit of chance to sit out in the blazing sun, catching some rays with the raging wind flying through my hair. On the other side, we caught a bus to our hostel, which took us the longest route ever. 

As I arrived quite late in the afternoon, there was t much time to explore the place. Instead, went to the liquor store with the English guy to buy some goon to sneak back into the hostel. I dislike the hostels where you can’t bring your own. DCIM102GOPRO

I had brought a package from the travel agent for this island, which included the ferry, two nights accommodation, a welcome drink, a dinner and breakfast voucher. For dinner, I used the coupon to buy a goats cheese veggie burger, which even though the service took ages, tasted amazingly. I think the system of the voucher is ridiculous because it only covers a certain amount and then you have to pay the rest. There was like one thing on the menu that was the price of the allocated amount.IMG_20160526_130844

Here, I bumped into two German girls which I partied with in Surfers. In the evening, there was a pub quiz on at the hostel, so one of the German girls and a German guy plus myself became a team. We didn’t win but we managed to grab a couple of shots: one for doing a random quiz at the tart nod one for being noisy. Win! I also had to do a paper airplane competition, which was fun but a bit random.

Once the bar had closed, we went down to the beach to listen to the waves and gaze at the stars. Then I had a shower and went to bed.

The next day, I used my breakfast voucher to get a veggie fry up. It was bliss as I haven’t eaten one in ages: toast, fried egg, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms with a nice cuppa. IMG_20160526_172937

The English guy from the day before found me to ask if I wanted  to hire a 4WD with two other English girls so that’s what I did. I’m glad I saw all of the island because there was no way I could have done it by foot. DCIM102GOPRO

After sorting ourselves out, we got picked up in a van to take us to the rental place. It worked out $25 each for 24 hours. We drove first to woollies to buy some food then up to the bay at the top of the island, which had a beautiful view. We didn’t stay here too long before driving to the koala walk. I was super excited about this.

We wandered up the gravelly track, keeping our eyes wide open, searching for koalas. It was hard to find them as there were so many trees around us but we managed to find three extremely cute wild koalas. One of the girls held her selfie stick near the koala and it grabbed onto it. It was adorable. We carried on to the fort, which overlooked parts of the island: it was magnificent with trees and boulders everywhere. DCIM102GOPRO

After, we went to a bay, which was meant to be good for snorkelling. With our stinger suits on, flippers on the feet and snorkels at the ready, we emerged our bodies into the sea to find coral and sea life. There were all sorts of fish and interesting looking coral. I do like just snorkelling around.

From the bay, we took the car back to the hostel to return our snorkelling gear before heading to the other side of the island to watch the sun set, which was blocked out by some clouds. The guy, who was driving, decided to drive crazily to West Point through pot-holed, windy roads.  On the way back, I drove in the dark along the dangerous roads back to the hostel.IMG_20160527_112325

Later that night, I chatted and drunk with the same girls I had spent the day with plus two other girls from North England, while the hostel had organised the cereal box game. 

The following day, I checked out then drove to the area where the Rock Wallabies were. It was such a buzz are space by the ocean and huge rocks piled high. There were just so many rock wallabies coming out of the rock from baby one to shy ones to greedy ones. We fed the cute furry animals carrots and grapes which they loved. It was such a great experience.

DCIM102GOPROAfter returning the car and getting a spot of lunch by the pool, I set off from the hostel, taking a a bus then the ferry back to the mainland with the two northerners. At the ferry port, I treated myself to a scone and frappe as one of the girls had recommended it.

It was back on the greyhound for me to my last stop before cairns: Mission Beach.


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