Hervey bay: walks and beaches


There wasn’t too much to do in Hervey Bay so I’m glad I only stopped here for one day.

I arrived early evening, where the hostel picked me up. The place I was staying was a small family run place with a great atmosphere and look but not may travellers. Most people come to Hervey Bay, just to do a Fraser Island tour. DCIM102GOPRO

When I got to the hostel, I checked in and put my stuff on charge. Then contacted the girl with the lost camera. As she entered into the had the biggest grin of appreciation and a box of goon, where was so unexpected. We exchanged item, said our farewells then off she went.

In the evening, I met this Finnish girl, where we had dinner together a and chatted. I was thinking about going out to see a live band but decided against it as I was feeling so sleepy. As I was walking back to my room, there were two girls I had met briefly in Surfers Paradise, screeching and screaming. There was a huge cockroach in their room. They don’t phase me anymore because I had so many in my kitchen in Sydney so I was use to them. Quietly and sneakily, I crawled under the bed with a flip flop (or as the Australians say ‘thong’), and smashed at it aggressively. It was dead.  DCIM102GOPRO

Just before sleeping, I sorted and backed up my photos from my phone and Go Pro.

The next day, I set my alarm early so I could see the sunrise on the beach. However, after all the effort of getting up early, it wasn’t really worth it because there was a huge solid cloud in the way, which was dissappointing. I will have to get up for another one on this trip.

DCIM102GOPROBefore I had checked out, I did a boring job of walking to Woolworths as I didn’t have any food. Then returned to eat some breakfast.

I didn’t do too much today. I walked along the Main Street to the historical village museum, which was unfortunately closed. However, I’m not sure I would have visited as it was $10 to go in. After I strolled all the way, about 5 km, to Urangan pier along the beach. Scurrying on the sand were these little blue soldier crabs, which were incredible. There were literally thousands along the beach. Every time I git slightly close to them, they would sink under the sand. They were a little creepy though.

IMG_20160521_130044When I arrived at the pier, there was a market on so I wandered around it.  On the way back to the hostel, I stopped off for some lunch and ice-cream. In the hostel, I chilled in a hammock before getting dropped off at the greyhound.

It was a sweeping visit to Hervey Bay but it was cool to see the crabs and beach view.


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