Escape and Evade challenge completed: part 4

This is the final part of the Escape and Evade challenge, where we had to get as far as possible in 55 hours without spending any money on transport, food or accommodation.

We were in Bristol. Contacting my cousin was a great idea, we were definitely in need of some rest and food. When they picked us up from the busy train station, we drove, to our delight, through a McDonalds drive through. We hadn’t eaten since 9 in the morning. Full of appreciation, we scoffed the food down as quick as a flash.

20140804-101710 am-37030101.jpg

About an hour later, displayed on the dining room table, was an array of delicious, healthy buffet food. After tasting a bit of everything, I was completely full. And that was before the dessert came out – cheesecake and chocolate ice-cream. I thought it would be too rude to decline so I munched slowly through some. I was well and truly stuffed.

That evening, I curled up in bed pretty early due to the lack of sleep and the feeling of being exhausted.

The next day, I was so thankful to my cousins for sleep and food. When we got dropped off at the train station, we spoke to the lady at the barrier, who wouldn’t let us on so we headed for the coach station. On the way, we got given some Ritz biscuit, which we gave to a homeless person (one of our challenges). Once we had stepped through to the coach station, we found a coach to London that we wanted to get on. The driver was happy to have us on his bus, however, we had to speak to the managers and with pleading and persuading, he would not let us on. We got suggested to try Megabus. Our last hope.

When we arrived at the stop, we found that the only buses in the next hour were going to Plymouth or Birmingham: not where we wanted yo go. The next bus to London was in two hours time. Was it worth waiting two hours to get rejected. Maybe not but we had no other choice.

Walking around town, we got some free sample of food from Marks and Spencer’s. Then we decided to enjoyed our packed lunch that we were given. While eating, a man carrying a large, wooden cross was staggering around, telling people that ‘Jesus loved them’. Amazing.

20140804-104429 pm-81869014.jpg

20140804-104429 pm-81869826.jpg

We also saw a bus that looked like it had been stolen from Brighton.

20140804-104516 pm-81916978.jpg

Eventually, the Megabus came to a halt at the bus stop. There was a large queue and I was slightly worried that there wasn’t going to be any room, even if the driver did let us on. We spoke to one bus driver, who told us that he wasn’t the one who was going to drive to London so we had to wait for the actual driver. Departure time had passed, the driver still wasn’t there. Five minutes late, the driver turned up and was happy to have us on the bus. Great news.

The journey was uneventful and smooth. When we got into London Victoria coach station, we walked around the corner to the train station.

The last leg home. At the barrier, we spoke to several train workers. As the guy was shaking his head, he put his card down on the card reader and let us through. Finally we got a train to Brighton then onto Portslade. One the way back, we wrote a poem about our adventures (another one of our challenges). I will post it on my next post but I have to say I’m no poet. There was also a man, who kept leaning and falling on me. I was getting closer and closer to the window as he was having a nap.

20140804-105334 pm-82414674.jpg

After three days, on an adventure, we got back to where we started.

20140804-105431 pm-82471097.jpg

Final count: 737 miles, 55 hours, no money for transport, food or accommodation.

The reason for this challenge was to raise money for an amazing charity called Tearfund, who transform lives and poverty around the world. I am doing this, as I’m going to volunteer with them and lead a team in South Africa for three months.

I would love if you could sponsor me, anything small or big would be greatly appreciated. I also want to say a massive thank you to all those who have already donated and those people who were generous on our Escape and Evade challenge.

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Charity Sponsor Challenge

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Please sponsor me!
I am fundraising some money for an amazing charity called Tearfund.

Challenge: Myself and two friends are going to try and get as far away as we can from Brighton in 3 days. BUT there is a catch… We are not going to spend any money on transport, accommodation or food.
I will be blogging while doing this challenge so you can follow my adventure.

One of the reasons I am raising money for Tearfund is that I am doing voluntary work with them for 3 months in South Africa.

I will be working with Zoë-life in South Africa:
– Visiting children and families to see what help they need to become less vulnerable
– Developing health campaigns for schools, organisations and communities
– Running assemblies or lessons in schools about various topics that affect their lives
– Sharing skills with the organisations that I will be working in

Beginning in 2004, Zoë-life was contracted to implement a Province wide HIV training intervention for hospitals and clinics. The result was a fantastic 1,800 trained and supported health care workers.

Zoë-life has since continued to partner with hospitals, clinics, organisations, churches and government throughout South Africa, developing health strategies, courses and resources for the people of South Africa.

Zoë-Life’s goal is to transform the lives of children, vulnerable families and communities that have been affected by disease, poverty and injustice. They do this in partnership with people on the ground, churches, and the government – creating lasting change from the individual experience all the way to policy improvements.

I would love anyone who reads this to sponsor me. I would be extremely grateful. It is for an incredible cause.

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Part 1: Faith through Art week

At school in this moment in time, we have a week devoted to ‘Faith through Art’. One thing I absolutely love about my school is the Christian aspect: many teachers have a Christian faith; we can openly share this with the children; we can base assemblies on what we believe.

This week, we have had the opportunity to share and explore our beliefs through art. At the start of the week, I introduced a national art competition called ‘Art in heaven’, where the children have to create a work of art about a particular theme. I decided to choose ‘Worship’: what is worship? Who worships? When and where do people worship? How and why do people worship? I have some fantastic responses where children really thought about their own time of worship and why they worship. Then I gave the class a choice of the type of art work they would like to do: video, PowerPoint, painting, watercolours, song, dance. I had a complete mixture. After, they had to write an explanation of their art work: what they had done? Where their inspiration came from? Why they had done it? How is it linked to worship. I was just mind-blown by some of their description: there were some deep thinkers amongst them.

20140708-093949 pm-77989544.jpg

20140708-093949 pm-77989855.jpg

Another activity (which would improve their presentation skills) was to test out different typography. Before this, we discussed the different ‘I am’ statements that Jesus said in the bible. We explored what they meant and how this can help us in our faith: purpose and giving our life to God. After they created a poster of different ‘I am’ verses on a poster using different fonts.

20140708-094107 pm-78067531.jpg

20140708-094107 pm-78067244.jpg

As well as wanting the children to think about what they believe and where they were on their spiritual journey, I was curious to find out individuals faith. Showing my class the blob tree, they had to decide on their own which blob they were and why about their faith. I gave them several examples including mine, where I was the person who was hanging on to tree as I wanted to do my own thing but also have Gods approval. Recently, I feel like the blob half way up the tree looking happy with life, my surroundings, my future: wanting to understand my beliefs more; letting God take over my path and guiding me through his plans to impact the world around me. I found that many children, who I thought would have a stronger faith, had slightly different perspective on their lives.

20140708-094032 pm-78032208.jpg

Relationship with God: Old Testament to Jesus dying

As I deepen my understanding and question my faith, I have learnt more about the bridge between God and man. Some of the fundamentals of Christianity is that Jesus died on the cross and rose again to save us. However, I truly wanted to know:

Why did Jesus need to die on the cross for us to have a relationship with God? How did the people in the old testament have a relationship with him? Why could we not carry on this way? Why did those people sacrifice animals ?

Even though I feel I don’t fully understand and I know that God wants us to believe without knowing all the answers, as this will help us to trust him and let him have control over our lives, I will explain what I have understood.

Let’s go back to the beginning of creation: God created man in his image as perfect, sinless humans. So that Adam and Eve could have freedom, and to see if they would believe and trust God, there was the tree of knowledge,where Adam and Eve wasn’t allowed to eat the fruit from this tree. However, they were tempted and believed lies and therefore they disobeyed God and ate from this tree.

That was the end of God-human perfect relationship. The fall.

They had sinned and disobeyed God. They had to be punished. God is a judge. Sometimes we don’t want to hear this or we think he is a loving, caring God. He is but we have to face the consequences of our mistakes. For example, if a murder had killed someone, the judge wouldn’t let them off because they were a loving, forgiving person. They had still committed the crime so they would have to go through the punishment. It is the same with God, he could not just sweep our sins under the carpet. God has to deal with injustice of sin.

Humanity had done wrong and therefore could not have a close relationship with God. In the old testament, instead of people sacrificing their whole lives to apologise for their sin, they would slaughter an animal. God loved the animals but people sacrificed a lamb to demonstrate how sin hurts the innocent.

We could not carry on this way as God wanted to demonstrate his unselfishness as Satan accused him of being a self-serving judge. Therefore, God decided to send himself in human form as God could not die himself. This was Jesus. On the cross, he accepted the sin of man against Himself. As a perfectly innocent man, he accepted the injustice of man against man. Jesus died a horrendous death on the cross, first being beaten and abused then having nails punched through parts of his body. He was hung on a cross to death.

The death of Christ accomplishes reconciliation, or reconnecting us back to God. As sinners, we transgress God’s perfect law and have no legal right to exist. But God himself who sits as Judge accepts the hurt, pays the price, forgives, and offers mercy.God loves us which means we can receive the salvation of the cross.

“He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32).

This means that peace with God, eternal life, and a glorious future are ours through the sacrifice of Jesus. We may never fully understand it, but we experience the peace, love, and joy that flow from the cross.

Jesus is that bridge between God and humans. We can now confess our sins and God will remove this sin as Jesus took all our sin on the cross as a sacrifice. As we receive this salvation, we will seek forgiveness from those we have wronged and live a life of love by His power.

20140707-082316 pm-73396610.jpg

Does God exist?

20140701-111525 pm-83725861.jpg

When thinking I was doubting whether God exist, the real question was ‘Do I want to know him?’ I didn’t really. I wanted to go my own way. I’ve always known that God does exist but it was my choice whether to follow him.

“You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you.” Jeremiah 29:13-14

There are several reason why I know God exists:

1. Have you not seen this world with live in? I have been lucky enough to have travelled different countries and seen the beauty of this world. The complexity and thought could have not been a “Big Bang”. These indescribable, incredible views could have not just appeared. It must have been created by someone or so thing. Our imagination isn’t that vast. Our world is perfect and therefore must have a designer. The earth is the perfect size, the perfect distance from the sun, the perfect atmosphere. Without these feature, we couldn’t exist. The human body is so complex: how our brain and other organs work, how we survive, how our body parts work together and rely on each other.

2. God pursues us. He wants to know us. He created us with the intention that we would know him. We can run from him, argue that he doesn’t exist, try to focus on other things but he will find a way. He has created us for a purpose.

3. We have a sense of right and wrong. Where did this come from? If we just appeared, then we wouldn’t have this conscience: our inner being feeling guilty when we have done wrong.

4. Past experiencesI have been in a relationship we him so I know that God has spoken to me through prayer, the bible, visions, sensed his presence and other people. They have alway confirmed each other. Things have happened in my life that cannot be explained other than God. Believers have prophecied, which have later been revealed as truth. I have seen people healed – it can’t just happen. Someone has to be in control.

There is no other way to say this than God must exist. God is our creator

God cannot be disproved – there are reason why he must exist.

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