Rainbow beach and Fraser Island: Lake McKenzie, Champagne Falls, ship wreak and sunsets


What an amazing 4 days!!!

When I arrived in Rainbow beach, the hostel I was staying at was opposite the greyhound. I checked in and sorted myself out before going to information briefing for my Fraser Island tour. They told us what we needed to take, the time we would be leaving the following day, found out our groups and ordered goon.IMG_20160516_172858

In my group, there were three American girls, one Austrian girl, two Germans guys and a Australian guy. After we found out about each other then wandered down to scout out the beach, which was beautiful.

Once I had got my bag ready, I ate dinner and joined a group for some drinking games. At the hostel bar, it was karaoke night so we joined in singing for the rest of the night.DCIM101GOPRO

In the morning, I had a whole routine planned out all before meeting the group at 8am (I think). I showered, munched on some free pancake, put my big backpack in the luggage room, put my linen in the laundry room and checked out. When we all piled into the main bar, we watched a safety PowerPoint about the 4WDs and animals on the island then signed a consent form. We packed our stuff into the cars, the goon in a eskie with ice and food in the trailer.

I have to say the whole thing was so well organised and planned.IMG_20160517_171726

Now time to jump into the 4WD and start our adventure towards Fraser Island with three people cramped in the back, three in the middle and two in the front and music blaring through the speakers.

First we drove about 15 minutes towards the ferry port to catch a boat the island. For those we don’t know, Fraser Island is the biggest sand Island in the world with the purest form of dingos and sharks in the ocean.

There were four 4WDs with eight people in each and our lovely guide, Bredan, leading us in the front. Each car had a walking-talkie to communicate and just general banter.

On the island, we drove along the beach on the sand looking out to sea. It just felt amazing. The wind blowing in a picture perfect situation. I can’t even describe it in words. It was strange seeing speed signs along the beach.

FB_IMG_1463724533190We had to stop as a seat belt in car 4 had broken. As our leading was walking back to his car, car 2 gave him a timtam, which he shared we us through the walkie-talkie, making us all jealous. This inevitably gave car 2 a new name ‘timtam’. Our car wanted a new name so we were all through out idea but nothing quite works so it late came naturally ‘Rainbow dingos’ in an Australian accent. How did this name pop up? Well, we all liked dingo as they live on the island and rainbow because when we were at Lake McKenzie, there were a group of older guys and one of them was wearing the tightest stripy rainbow trunks.DCIM101GOPRO

After driving on the beach, we stopped off for an early lunch of cheese, salad, mayo and mustard wraps. Let me tell you, Australian mayonnaise is different to British mayo. It’s kinda a mix between British Mayo and salad cream but it’s this slightly transparent white. Weird!

When we had cleared up from lunch, we drove through the forest to Lake Mckenzie, which I got to drive. The path was windy, bumpy, sandy and narrow but I absolutely loved every minute of it. Lake Mckenzie is a huge lake with the clearest water and just a stunning view. We swam in the water and laid on the sand before heading to home for the next two nights: aboriginal camping ground.FB_IMG_1463743760244

I haven’t been camping for a long time so it was so nice to do it again. We unpacked the cars and choose our tents, where I shared with the Austrian girl.

In our groups, we cooked our food together of stir fry, where we had to cut all the vegetable and cook it on the burners. With only 32 people, it was a good number for cooking, however, sometime there are three times this amount all trying to cook and eat together.

Once we had cleared up, we started playing some drinking games, then we went down the IMG_20160518_102648beach. We were warned to go in at least twos to the beach as there could potentially be dangerous dingos around. Then we headed back to base, where there was a ‘club’ to dance in. At the other camp, I bumped into a couple of groups, which I had met in Surfers paradise so danced with them for a bit on the tables. For the rest of the night, I danced, laid on the riff of a 4WD to admire the stars and then curled up in the sleeping bag.

The following day, we were in the ‘party’ bus, which was the lead car with our guide driving. Our guide was hilarious, cracking out jokes, accents and just casually saying he had an STI as we drove passed two girls. He really made my day.

After eating toast and showering, we headed off in the 4WD along the beach to champagne falls. It was a rock pool on the edge of the ocean, where the water foams up to make it look like champagne. In the pool,there were several little fishes swimming around. It was just an incredible place with the sun blazing.IMG_20160517_140216

Then, we drove to Indian head, which is a high cliff that juts out of the island with an awesome view of the beach. Sitting close to the edge, you could sea different sea animal in the water as it was so clear like sharks, fish, a turtle and a sting ray.

Climbing back down the huge rocks to the beach, we hopped back in to the cars for our next stop: lunch. We went to a picnic area, where we made wraps to fulfill our noisy stomaches. Around us, there were several cockatoos chirping and our guide managed to lurl them down with some meat. It was just so impressive. He was throwing meat up at the trees and the birds would catch it in their beaks.

After lunch, we went to Eli creek. It was basically a clear, shallow river with a strong current. We all went up as a group and half dived in the river. The water was actually freezing. About half was down, our guide got  us to line up in two rows with a space in the middle. Then he did the funniest salmon, belly flop thing, which just got us so wet. After, we floated down the river towards the ocean. Several people went down again on a blow up boat but I decided just to walk along the beach in the sun.

FB_IMG_1463655275566Once we drove back to camp, we cooked potato salad, steak (or veggie burgers for me) and salad. In the evening, two of the aboriginal men sang up traditional tribal songs and they danced with paint on their bodies. We played some drinking games and danced the night away.

On our last day on Fraser Island, we woke up pretty early to pack our stuff and grab breakfast. We first drove to the ship wreak, which look really cool. Then we drove through the forest to a tee tree lake, where we chilled.

Next, we went to ‘the best’ picnic area on the island for a lunch of wraps. The last drive of the day, I was able to do it, where I drove along the beach and through soft sand. It was actually difficult with the steering wheel having a mind of its own.FB_IMG_1463724528048

We jumped on a ferry back to rainbow beach, where a few of us helped them to drive the cars back to the garage.

Once I had checked in, a group of us walked to the sand dunes to watch the sunset. It was was the most beautiful sunset, I have ever seen with loads of different colours and the beach in the distant.

In the evening, the group that went to Fraser met up together for some dingo juice. Our guide was playing the guitar and jamming: he was very talented. A couple of us went and chilled in a 4WD before giving up for the night.IMG_20160519_172014

Once I had woken myself up, I did the standard morning checkout routine. In the morning, the three Americans, the Australian and I ordered a coffee and breakfast at a cafe in Rainbow Beach, which is just what I needed. Then we strolled along the beach for one last time, where there weren’t too many people, and several 4WDs rolled along the beach. It was just incredible. I’ve now realised a beach is not just another beach. I have come to love the different beaches and admire their beauty in full.DCIM102GOPRO

Just before mounting the greyhound, a German girl I met on the Fraser Island contacted me to say her camera was in reception and was there anyway I could collect it and take it to my next destination as she was there. Of course , it was no trouble at all.

So farewell rainbow beach and Fraser Island. It had been an amazing pleasure and difinitely one experience I will never forget.


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