Mission Beach: Extreme White Water Rafting

I had already written this post but my ipad decided to delete it so this probably won’t be as detailed as the original post.

It’s funny that this blog post is called Mission Beach even though I didn’t explore the beach at all. As I was travelling up the East a Coast, I heard there wasn’t much to do here except Skydive. I decided not to do that as I have jumped out of a plane several years ago. Instead, I did something nearly as extreme.received_10153462474721401

I arrived in Mission Beach early evening where the hostel picked me up, which was a good job as it was about a 20 minute drive there to the middle of nowhere.

At the hostel, I checked in them settled in for the evening, watching a movie on a big screen. Then I went to bed pretty early as I knew I had to be up early the next day.

In the morning, once I showered, ate complimentary breakfast and check out, I got picked up first for the day adventure of Extreme white water rafting, which I was so excited about. It’s one thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Other people got collected on the way to the central point between Mission Beach and Cairns as a coach was coming from there. It was a random spot with a pub and nothing around. We were here for a while so the 40 odd people could register and make sure they had the correct footwear. Most of the people were just doing the white water rafting but I decided to do the extreme as I’m a big thrill seeker.received_10153462464881401

Eight of us boarded the small coach to be taken to our starting point, where we watched a safety briefing on board. There were going to be two boats with four of us in.

With my bikini, shorts, fleece wet top and life jacket on and my helmet with the go pro, I was ready to rumble.

Two Dutch guys, an Australian guy, myself and the guide climbed into the boat and perched at the side of the boat. The guide told us positions and instruction which we would need as headed down the river.

On the way down, we tossed and turned all over the place as we paddled through the rapids over bumpy rocks, all with a stunning view of greenery.

The river varied at different part with large, windy Rapids with our guide calling out instruction to gently floating.received_10153462474731401

We made a couple of stops: our first to do a bit of cliff jumping. I have done this several times before yet once I’m at the top looking down, I get sweaty pals, heart beat racing and a mental warning telling me not to jump. However, the best way is not to think about it and just jump, which is what I did. It’s just so exhilarating.

Next, we hopped out of the boat into the river and just let the current take us. We also stopped at the top of a waterfall, where we could just topple of the edge feet first, forcing me to plunge under the water for several seconds. We were able to do this a second time but this time face first, just dropping down the waterfall.

Also, a photographer took our photos, where we posed and a couple of shots with the boat turning over and us falling out into the river.received_10153462464466401

Half way down, we pulled over to the side of the river for lunch. I grabbed a falafel burger with beetroot, salad, onions, cheese and dressing. It was so tasty.

The rest of the way down, we went through multiple rapids, having to alternate paddling forward and back. At one stage, I nearly got chucked out of the boat with the bumpy ride and deciding not to hold on.

At the bottom of the river, we carried our equipment to a truck and changed out of our wet stuff. Then we were driven back to the central place to see the photos and drink a couple of beers before being taken back to my hostel.IMG_20160528_162134

I chilled for a couple of hours in a hammock in the large garden area before being transported back to the bus station for the last leg of my greyhound journey.

Mission Beach… Well… Extreme white water rafting has been an incredible day, full of laughs, an invigorating ride down the river and beautiful scenery.


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