Does God exist?

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When thinking I was doubting whether God exist, the real question was ‘Do I want to know him?’ I didn’t really. I wanted to go my own way. I’ve always known that God does exist but it was my choice whether to follow him.

“You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you.” Jeremiah 29:13-14

There are several reason why I know God exists:

1. Have you not seen this world with live in? I have been lucky enough to have travelled different countries and seen the beauty of this world. The complexity and thought could have not been a “Big Bang”. These indescribable, incredible views could have not just appeared. It must have been created by someone or so thing. Our imagination isn’t that vast. Our world is perfect and therefore must have a designer. The earth is the perfect size, the perfect distance from the sun, the perfect atmosphere. Without these feature, we couldn’t exist. The human body is so complex: how our brain and other organs work, how we survive, how our body parts work together and rely on each other.

2. God pursues us. He wants to know us. He created us with the intention that we would know him. We can run from him, argue that he doesn’t exist, try to focus on other things but he will find a way. He has created us for a purpose.

3. We have a sense of right and wrong. Where did this come from? If we just appeared, then we wouldn’t have this conscience: our inner being feeling guilty when we have done wrong.

4. Past experiencesI have been in a relationship we him so I know that God has spoken to me through prayer, the bible, visions, sensed his presence and other people. They have alway confirmed each other. Things have happened in my life that cannot be explained other than God. Believers have prophecied, which have later been revealed as truth. I have seen people healed – it can’t just happen. Someone has to be in control.

There is no other way to say this than God must exist. God is our creator

God cannot be disproved – there are reason why he must exist.

Life discovery

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Why do I exist? What’s my purpose? Does my life matter? Why am I alive?

These were question posed to me on my adventure day with Life Discovery Charity. They made me stop and think, no really think. They gave me time to think: space to think.

Most people haven’t ever thought about these questions. Maybe you should ponder them.

Why do I exist? What’s my purpose? Does my life matter? Why am I alive?

We live through tough times. days when it’s so estimate difficult to keep going. Days when, perhaps more than ever before, we need to understand why we’re alive, what our purpose is and whether our life matters, really matters.

Does it? Most of the people around us don’t actually know.

As I think and meditate over those questions rumbling through my head, I look to my past. There are times when I regret not doing something. How is it the things we regret the most, are the thing we haven’t done? I wished that during the summer at university, I had done more than get a full time job. I wish I had done Camp America or travelled the work or gone on mission trips or helped in my local community, but I felt that the right thing to do at the time was work, earn money. What is money? The richest person in the world is not the happiest person: there life is still not fulfilled, there is still something missing.

I was alway the person who was expect to do the norm. I was the person who alway looked forward to the next thing, not living in the moment. When I was at school, I looked forward to college. When I was at college, I looked forward to university. When I was at university, I looked forward to becoming a teacher. Now I’m a teacher, what am I looking forward to? A stable life in the same job? A husband? Having children? Retiring? Dying?

Some of you, that might be your life, your purpose. However, for me, I know it’s not.

I am grateful that I discovered God at a young age. He has given me purpose; he has given me a reason to live. He has a future for me; he has massive plans to change the world, discover myself. This is life changing.

God is life changing!

Why do I exist? What’s my purpose? Does my life matter? Why am I alive?

I don’t want a life that the world is telling me to do; I want to make a difference. I am taking that step of faith; jumping out my comfort zone. I have changed my options for the next year; I have found what God want me to do now. I am growing in God; finding my purpose through God. I have not felt this alive since having a year out, not continuing with the norm but doing exactly what God wanted me to do them. I am living in the moment; cherishing every experience. There may be tough, scary time but I know that God is there beside me through these.

I don’t want to be on my death bed, thinking ‘I wish I had done that, I wish I had done this.’ Do you? How are you going to change your life? Are you going to take that step of faith?

‘I have come so you can live and enjoy life, have it to the full, have a more and better life than you can ever dream of’ John 10:10

I am only young and I’m glad I have discovered this now. I have my whole future ahead of me with God guiding and directing me.<


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