Sharing God’s love with women at risk

Recently, I have been praying to God to break my heart for what breaks his. He has so much love for everyone, not just church-goers or middle-class wealthy people but those who are poor or at risk or in need.

Tonight was such a surreal but incredible experience, where God was just breaking my heart more and more for his people, for justice and those who need him. I had the opportunity to minister and share God’s love in a Brothal in Durban.

It looked like a normal place, with sofas and a reception area as you entered. Women were sitting there like it’s a normal place to hang out, chatting and smoking. They were just waiting, waiting for the next client so that they could get some money.

As I was talking to one incredible lady, she shared her story with me. I could see at first she was scared, what were these people doing here.

She was scared to be there. She didn’t want to be there. She didn’t want to do this line of work. She has no choice. She was stuck there. She lost her job. She was a single mum. She needed to provide for her children. As I was learning about her two children, she had so much love for them. She wanted the best for them. She wanted to be the best mum she could be. She was an incredibly brave women. She had to keep this secret from her family. She looked disappointed in herself and knew her family wouldn’t approve. Her father was a pastor.

She knew about the Lord. We asked if we could pray for her. She was so open. I really feel that she was destined to meet us so we could remind her of God’s love and the plans he has for her. That she could put her trust in God. As I was praying, my heart was pounding so loudly. “This is my daughter and I love her as much as I love you. I want the best for her.”

God has just opened my eyes even more to the unknown things around me. How are these things happening? My heart is melting for these women, the fact they are putting themselves at risk, they are letting men abuse their bodies to get money to provide for their children. I just want to protect and love these women. I want to build relationships with them and share God’s amazing love for them. There is another way.

Repeating over and over in mind is the plea she asked me, “Please find me a job overseas.” I want to help her and support her. I feel so compassionate.

Here in Durban, I have seen over and over the friendliness and openness of the people here. Everyone here gives hugs. I just want to share God’s love more through hugs with all the people around me. Also, God has really shown me the importance of building relationships and connecting with the people I meet, getting to know their stories. I want to make sustainable difference and impact and can only do this through these things and hopefully touching their hearts. I feel compelled to fight for these women, fight for justice, protect these women.

Hippo Hide accommodation

While I am in South Africa, I am staying at the Hippo Hide hostel, where I have my own room.


My home for 10 weeks in SA


Pool in our hostel


My room

ICS Tearfund adventures


In 6 days, my life is going to drastically change. After applying and planning for this 6 months ago, it has suddenly become a stones throw away.

I am feeling extremely excited, pretty well-prepared and a tiny bit nervous (mainly due to the fact that it is real – this is happening).

On Sunday, I embark on a new adventure, new experiences and new challenges. I will be going on a 3 month placement to South Africa with ICS Tearfund to lead a team, while doing voluntary work.

There will be 24 UK volunteers climbing on to the plane to join 17 SA volunteers to work on different project within the Zoë life charity to help vulnerable children.

Most teams will be based at The Valley Trust just outside Durban. However, my team (3 UK/ 3 SA volunteers plus me) will be transported to the inner city to live in a hostel. As a team, we will be involved with several crèches, where we will be working with them to do assessment to guide them towards registration and support them to implement these. Also we will be supporting and helping the City Celebration Dance Company in schools and a youth groups.


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