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Please sponsor me!
I am fundraising some money for an amazing charity called Tearfund.

Challenge: Myself and two friends are going to try and get as far away as we can from Brighton in 3 days. BUT there is a catch… We are not going to spend any money on transport, accommodation or food.
I will be blogging while doing this challenge so you can follow my adventure.

One of the reasons I am raising money for Tearfund is that I am doing voluntary work with them for 3 months in South Africa.

I will be working with Zoë-life in South Africa:
– Visiting children and families to see what help they need to become less vulnerable
– Developing health campaigns for schools, organisations and communities
– Running assemblies or lessons in schools about various topics that affect their lives
– Sharing skills with the organisations that I will be working in

Beginning in 2004, Zoë-life was contracted to implement a Province wide HIV training intervention for hospitals and clinics. The result was a fantastic 1,800 trained and supported health care workers.

Zoë-life has since continued to partner with hospitals, clinics, organisations, churches and government throughout South Africa, developing health strategies, courses and resources for the people of South Africa.

Zoë-Life’s goal is to transform the lives of children, vulnerable families and communities that have been affected by disease, poverty and injustice. They do this in partnership with people on the ground, churches, and the government – creating lasting change from the individual experience all the way to policy improvements.

I would love anyone who reads this to sponsor me. I would be extremely grateful. It is for an incredible cause.

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Faith without feeling

What a start to a new series! This message completely confirms what I am going to be doing over the next year.

Now faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see – Hebrews 11:1

Faith has to start from now, not later or tomorrow or next week. Before we can have faith to believe, we need to have hope. What hope have we got? What dreams have God put inside us?

God has sown dreams, desires even passions inside us. He has not put these in us to leave and dwell over, but to take a step off faith; take the hope into the unseen. We can follow them as we have God at our side: protecting us. We don’t need to worry as God has gone before us; who can be against us if God is for us. God wants to take the dreams of our heart and turn them into reality.

Society tells us not to dream big otherwise we will be disappointed. Actually God has placed these unrealistic dreams inside us so we have to trust God with our future; rely on him. Faith inspires us to dream. Too often we stay in hope but we have to jump off that cliff. Faith doesn’t depend on our society or others or our circumstances: it only depends on God’s word and trusting him. However, fear can take over us and stop us from taking that step.

I know I have huge dreams, most people would see them as unrealistic but I know God has written these hopes on my heart. I want to travel. I want to teach. I want to work with children. I want to help and care for those in need. I want to share my beliefs.

I have recently stepped out in faith with my future. I know God will open and close the correct doors. I have put my trust in him before and he has taken beyond my expectation. I will do this again. I have no choice but to trust God with my life. I will not be able to do this without God at my side: guiding me, protecting me, giving me wisdom.

I’m not going to lie, I am extremely excited but at the same time, slightly petrified. I have chosen faith above feeling or comfort. I want to affect others lives in all I do.


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