Quick stop to Koh Samui: friends and beaches


Once I arrived in Surathani, I boarded a ship at 6am to cruise across to Koh Samui, which is one of the largest island on East coast of Thailand. I have been there a few times before and it’s not my favourite island as I think there are more beautiful beaches and landscapes on other islands. I decided to just have one day there to meet a couple from my hometown, who I did mission work in Zimbabwe with.

IMG_20151105_132101After being pestered by private taxis offering a ridiculous price, I managed to find a songtaow to take me to Choeng Mon beach.

Once I found their accommodation, I chilled for a while and booked my onward travel ticket. I met my friends for lunch then hung out at the beach, which was quiet and beautiful. As there was warnings about jellyfish in the sea, I decided to go to a recommended hotel nearby for a swim and a beer, where my friends met me after class.

IMG_20151105_143813In the evening, we just had dinner at a local restaurant and played board games. The food was more expensive than I was used to as it was a touristy area but I couldn’t do much about that. I was lucky enough to stay in a double bedroom for free.


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