Brisbane: sightseeing the city

IMG_20160513_111242Once I had arrived in Brisbane, I got the train to my hostel as I was too late to use the pick up service. The hostel was surprisingly huge and clean. IMG_20160513_123150

After a couple of late nights, I decided to have an early bed time to catch on some lost sleep. After eating some complimentary breakfast, I headed into the city to do some traditional sightseeing. I saw churches and the city then to botanic gardens to chill and IMG_20160513_130833admire the river view. After I walked to the other side of the river to Brisbane wheel the carried on to South Bank Parklands, which has a manmade beach right in the centre of the city. Once I got a spot of lunch, I wandered towards Kangaroo point and up on the cliff to see the city skyline. From hear, I strolled back towards the hostel through the city. IMG_20160513_121315

Late afternoon I chilled then met some friends (two British guys I met in Surfer’s plus two of their friends from home) to go to a food market across the city. There was live jazz music. After, we just went back to the hostel. IMG_20160513_122335

The next day in Brisbane, I packed, had breakfast and checked out. Then I met my friends again, where we ate some pancakes and walked towards the ferry port. In Brisbane, there’s a free ferry that takes you along the river so we did that to South Bank Parkland, where there was a market. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long as I had a bus to catch to Noosa.IMG_20160513_122217


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