A little time in my hometown for Christmas and New Year

img_20170103_153351After travelling, working and volunteering for two years in various countries around the world, it was time to visit my home country. In the last few days of travelling, time seemed to slow down as I was anticipating my arrival back home.

I was so excited to see my friends and family, and with only two weeks back in England, I had to plan and pack my days in. This wasn’t the easiest thing to do as it was Christmas and New Year and many people were busy.

At the London airport, I collected my bag and walked through the arrival gate. As kind of expected, my mum and sister wasn’t there, but it didn’t take took long before I saw them. I had the biggest grin on my face. I gave them the biggest hug. It was so strange seeing them in person and not on skype.

During those two weeks, I did as much as I could, loving the fact of spending time with friends and family and just appreciating my hometown again. Some of the things included:

  • spending Christmas day with my Mum, younger brother, sister and her boyfriend
  • having boxing day round my brother’s house
  • seeing my nephew for the first time
  • having New Years with my best friend, pub crawling
  • visiting London with my mum and seeing a theatre show
  • going to Bristol for a few days to see family
  • wandering around Brighton, exploring the laines, shopping, seeing the beach
  • going to the Marina with my old housemate
  • having coffee with friends
  • spending time with jan
  • enjoying take aways with friends
  • seeing a Uni friend in winchester
  • having lunch with my sister
  • having a final farewell with family

It was an incredible two weeks at home, and it made me realise it was the right time to visit. It also felt extremely odd as everything felt familiar but also distant. I felt like I just didn’t quite belong there anymore. I have changed and maybe so have others. I don’t know my future in the long term but right now I love travelling.

My next plans is to fly to Bolivia in South America. This will be my first time in this part of the world, ticking off a new continent. I’m going to travel Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador before settling in to a place in Colombia to teach. At the moment, I don’t know where I will be travelling in these countries or for how long as i’m waiting for the Colombian government to confirm my start day. However, I am extremely excited to be moving on but also sad to say farewell to my friends and family.

Red Frogs


I have been part of Red Frogs Brighton since they set up in September. I have loved being part of the team: volunteering, building relationship and serving others.

Here are some of the events I have been part of with Red Frogs:
– Freshers fair giving out ice-pops, doughnuts, penny boards, red frogs,
– Hydration station outside a large club in Brighton
– Wednesday Pancake night at Varley halls at Brighton University


Red Frogs Vision
As a result of safeguarding a generation of young people, Red Frogs Support Network will empower young people to make positive life choices and become a voice of change within their culture.

Red Frogs Mission
Red Frogs is a support program for young people from the ages of 15 – 25. Red Frogs recognize that the culture of young people is dominated by alcohol and that excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances can lead to dangerous and life altering behaviours. Therefore Red Frogs make it their mission to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather, educate young people on safe partying behaviours, and promote and provide non-alcoholic and/or diversionary activities that engage young people in these environments.

Red Frogs Core Values
As a result of being practical, available and consistent in serving, we are placed in a position of trust with young people, thereby enabling us to disciple them through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

We take every opportunity to engage in acts of generosity that foster relationship and display genuine care and concern for the lives of others.

Through expecting our actions to meet a standard of excellence we cultivate a culture of responsibility and accountability that promotes transparency.

We believe that to display professionalism in our approach, our programs and activities, we equip staff and volunteers by mentoring, training and resourcing to effectively engage in their work with young people.

We recognize that each young person has an innate need for belonging and relationship. Therefore it is our heart to create healthy pathways for young people to have these needs fulfilled.

We understand the importance of open communication and collaboratation between staff, volunteers and Red Frog networks, including ‘Friends of the Red Frog’, sponsors and partners. Therefore we highly promote and engage in team work and relationship building activities that enable these processes to happen.

If you want to find out more, please let me know.

Brighton Volleyball

Last week, during the early evening, a group of us played volleyball on Brighton beach. With over 20 of us, we had several teams rotating round to enjoy playing the game. Even though I haven’t really played volleyball (the only time was in India when I tried to play with a group of teenagers), I learnt the rules and loved experiencing a new sport.

20140804-112039 pm-84039578.jpg

Voices at Brighton dome

20140625-105058 pm-82258509.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, my year 5’s were involved with the ‘Voices’ concert at Brighton Dome. This was a fantastic opportunity for year 5 and 6 to be part of a singing concert with 4 other Primary school and a large secondary school. A music coach from the high school came into our school to practice the songs that were being done on the performance day. Some of the songs included:
– Reet Petit
– The greatest day
– les miserable medley (one of my favourite musicals)
– Aquarius

On the night, our school was sitting at the side of the stage with the children singing their hearts out. I was so proud of them. My class have always been the loudest singers but they always sing in tune.

Watching all the other performances, I was amazed by the amount of talented singer. There were several female vocalist, singing a variety of different, completely in tune and hitting those really difficult notes.

What a great evening! Times like these, I’m really glad that I’m a teacher.

Evening walk in the rain

20140610-111341 pm-83621602.jpg

Brighton, 2014

Enjoying a lovely, relaxing stroll in the beautiful rain with my amazing housemate.

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