A relaxing day in Fiji

Today was an extremely low key day because I needed a day of relaxing and sleep before starting my tour around Fiji.

Lazily, I abandoned my bed just to do the short walk to the beach and lay on my towel in the sun. It was a glorious day with the bright sun and gentle breeze with the sound of the calm waves crashing filled my ears.

While others were walking passed, playing volleyball and other games, I simply stayed horizontal, letting life pass me. It was just bliss. I had time to think and ponder life with the last week of travelling ahead of me before returning back to Sydney.img_20160624_130239

It’s kind of a weird concept as I’ve been away from my home country for 17 months, travelling and working. At the same time, I feel like I’ve just been away from normal life for 7 weeks because I’m away from work and my settled life in Sydney. I am completely blessed to have these opportunities. Where is home? What is ‘normal’ life?

I totally agree with the quote “You will never be completely home again, because part of your heart will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of living and knowing people in more than one place”.  I love travelling, experiencing new countries and cultures as well as meeting new people.

I’m still glad that 2 years ago I made that decision to embark on the unknown and adventuring around the world.

Anyway, as I was laying there, I chatted to my mum on Skype, which is a surreal situation of being in the beach on the other side of the world and being able to share it in a small way with my mum.

During the afternoon, I decided to have a traditional Fijian message class to my hostel. It was so relaxing. Everywhere I go, I always try the different massage styles. One perks is that it is so cheap compared to western prices. She just hit all the right spots.

For the rest of the day I chilled a little more by the pool and met a couple of guys who had been surfing for the day. In Fiji, there was a huge international surfing competition and today was the final with contestants from all over the world. Apparently a surfer from Brazil won.

Then I had a shower before having dinner, a few beers and kava to end the night. I trued to order a traditional Fijian meal if fish in a coconutty sauce and rice but unfortunately they had sold out.

It was such a lovely day and I was ready for the next part of my adventure around Fiji. I was going to miss being here with the welcoming Fijians and the people I met. It felt like home for a few days.

Hervey bay: walks and beaches


There wasn’t too much to do in Hervey Bay so I’m glad I only stopped here for one day.

I arrived early evening, where the hostel picked me up. The place I was staying was a small family run place with a great atmosphere and look but not may travellers. Most people come to Hervey Bay, just to do a Fraser Island tour. DCIM102GOPRO

When I got to the hostel, I checked in and put my stuff on charge. Then contacted the girl with the lost camera. As she entered into the had the biggest grin of appreciation and a box of goon, where was so unexpected. We exchanged item, said our farewells then off she went.

In the evening, I met this Finnish girl, where we had dinner together a and chatted. I was thinking about going out to see a live band but decided against it as I was feeling so sleepy. As I was walking back to my room, there were two girls I had met briefly in Surfers Paradise, screeching and screaming. There was a huge cockroach in their room. They don’t phase me anymore because I had so many in my kitchen in Sydney so I was use to them. Quietly and sneakily, I crawled under the bed with a flip flop (or as the Australians say ‘thong’), and smashed at it aggressively. It was dead.  DCIM102GOPRO

Just before sleeping, I sorted and backed up my photos from my phone and Go Pro.

The next day, I set my alarm early so I could see the sunrise on the beach. However, after all the effort of getting up early, it wasn’t really worth it because there was a huge solid cloud in the way, which was dissappointing. I will have to get up for another one on this trip.

DCIM102GOPROBefore I had checked out, I did a boring job of walking to Woolworths as I didn’t have any food. Then returned to eat some breakfast.

I didn’t do too much today. I walked along the Main Street to the historical village museum, which was unfortunately closed. However, I’m not sure I would have visited as it was $10 to go in. After I strolled all the way, about 5 km, to Urangan pier along the beach. Scurrying on the sand were these little blue soldier crabs, which were incredible. There were literally thousands along the beach. Every time I git slightly close to them, they would sink under the sand. They were a little creepy though.

IMG_20160521_130044When I arrived at the pier, there was a market on so I wandered around it.  On the way back to the hostel, I stopped off for some lunch and ice-cream. In the hostel, I chilled in a hammock before getting dropped off at the greyhound.

It was a sweeping visit to Hervey Bay but it was cool to see the crabs and beach view.

Koh Phi Phi: views, beaches and crazy nightlife


IMG_20151107_114354The following day, I woke up around 5.30am so I could start my long journey to Koh Phi Phi: mini van, ferry, coach, car, mini van, ferry. It was an uneventful journey, except meeting a British guy, who was a little strange, but it made the time go quicker.

I arrived in Koh Phi Phi about 5.30pm, where I met two friends at the port and found a hostel for the night: 15 bed dorm through town. Unfortunately, it was spitting but it was fine as some guy pushed my bag, while I walked with an umbrella.IMG_20151107_181341

Once I had freshened up, I joined my two friends (one British, one Australian) for dinner. I ate traditional pad Thai and a beer. For the rest of the evening we bar hopped, listening to a live band, watched people skip with fire, dancing and drinking. It was a great night except that we got soaked from the rain and my friends drink got spiked. I walked her back to her hostel to make sure she was home safely.IMG_20151107_114936

Early the next day I found a new hostel to stay in which was a smaller dorm and cheaper. I was sharing with two Scottish guys.

Walking along the gorgeous beach, I reached my friends hotel, where we lounge by the pool and went for a swim. it was one of those lazy days so didn’t get up to much for the rest of the day except grab some and sunbathed. IMG_20151107_125037

In the evening, as we were feeling tired, we had dinner then waited in anticipation at a bar for a Muay Thai show. The huge, well-lit bar was a place where they encouraged spectators to sign up to fight against each other in the Muay Thai ring to win a bucket. After waiting, two young Thai boys and a referee entered the ring, where they did a kind of dance then the match started. I have seen a Muay Thai match before so I knew what to expect. In the end, we left before they finished and headed to bed early. IMG_20151107_215322

The following day, feeling refreshed, I consumed a delicious roti for breakfast before meeting the other two. Struggling up hundreds of stairs, we climbed to the various view points on Koh Phi Phi to admire the amazing sights of the whole island. It was just breath-taking. One of my friends has a little toy of Dora the explorer, where she usually took photos with her in. I thought this was such a cool idea. I should have done something like that. IMG_20151108_113441

After eating lunch out, we decided that we wanted to relax on a different beach on the island. However, we couldn’t make a decision whether to take a boat or not. In the end, we wandered along the coast, across the beaches and over mountainous rocks to long beach. The picturesque views and the cool water of the sea made a lovely afternoon.IMG_20151108_170259

On the way to meet the other two for dinner, I bumped into the two English girls I met in Lao. Once we had food, we had a couple of drinks at a rock bar before catching up with the other two. Unfortunately a good night turned slightly sour when my drinks got spiked. Luckily, my friends  took me home safely.

The next day, I was feeling rough. I managed to fix the puzzle of my forgotten night over lunch with two of the girls. I also found out that one of the girls managed to convince a guy to tattoo her initials on his side in a heart, which is hilarious. In the afternoon, I hopped onto a ferry to Ao Nang beach.



Quick stop to Koh Samui: friends and beaches


Once I arrived in Surathani, I boarded a ship at 6am to cruise across to Koh Samui, which is one of the largest island on East coast of Thailand. I have been there a few times before and it’s not my favourite island as I think there are more beautiful beaches and landscapes on other islands. I decided to just have one day there to meet a couple from my hometown, who I did mission work in Zimbabwe with.

IMG_20151105_132101After being pestered by private taxis offering a ridiculous price, I managed to find a songtaow to take me to Choeng Mon beach.

Once I found their accommodation, I chilled for a while and booked my onward travel ticket. I met my friends for lunch then hung out at the beach, which was quiet and beautiful. As there was warnings about jellyfish in the sea, I decided to go to a recommended hotel nearby for a swim and a beer, where my friends met me after class.

IMG_20151105_143813In the evening, we just had dinner at a local restaurant and played board games. The food was more expensive than I was used to as it was a touristy area but I couldn’t do much about that. I was lucky enough to stay in a double bedroom for free.

Koh Samui: same place, different time


Beach huts we stayed in

Feeling absolutely exhausted, we mounted onto the ferry towards Koh Samui. This trip on Koh Samui was similar to the one I did about a month earlier. As I had raved about some specific beach huts on the island before deciding to join them on the island, I ended up staying in the exactly the same spot. Our first day consisted of eating, lying on the beach and sleeping.


Hin Yai

After a descent amount of the sleep, feeling fresh the next day, we started to explore the Island. Again, we hired some motorbikes and drove to a famous landmark: Hin ta and Hin Yai on Lamai beach. This is an odd tourist attraction. Basically, it is some fascinating rock formations known as Grandpa (Ta) and Grandma (Yai), which look, respectively, like male and female genitalia. It was just amusing how many people were here, taking photos and posing. With clear blue skies and cliff faces, the view beyond this was beautiful. Down the road, not far from here is the Pueng Waterfall, which I did go to before but didn’t climb to the top. I am a slight sucker for waterfalls, I just love the beauty and water gushing and glistening in  the sun.


Pueng Waterfall

Then we went for a leisurely driving in search of food, where we found a quiet market. In the afternoon, we drove for miles and miles beach hopping to Nathon beach. On our way back to the hostel, we met some friends from our training at Hin Ta and Hin Yai, where they planned to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, it wasn’t thought out as the sunsets on the other side of the Island. While we were here, we bumped into some different friends. Next to here is a small place called the Rock Bar, which we walked through and climbing onto the huge stone to see the sea beyond the horizon.

Once we had food, we strolled towards central Lamai town for a few drinks before heading back.


Coral Cove

The following day, we carried on exploring the Island, mainly beaches on motorbikes. We beach hopped from Coral Cove, which was more rocks to climb than an actually beach but the view was incredible in both direction, to Chaweng beach, where we enjoyed a spot of lunch in a local cafe. After, we headed to Bophut beach, which has a fisherman’s village, where there are fish restaurants to dine in or markets with souvenirs and clothes or quaint gift shops. The beach area was extremely quiet as the seaside wasn’t spectacular due to the sea being dirty and with a disappointing view.  We decided we wanted to see the Sunset on beach so we drove to Nathon Beach on the west side but as the sun was disappearing the clouds covered the sky.

In the evening, we ate at Harry’s Restaurant, which is in Lamai town centre. Here, they have a wide variety of foods where they give huge portions at a cheap price. Then we motorbiked to downtown Chaweng to meet some of our other friends. I had such an unexpected great night, where we played pool, experienced different bars, received free drinks, wandered around, lost some of my friends, danced and met some guys from England. I was on the Red Bull all night as I had to drive back to our hut. By the time I hit the pillow, it was about three-thirty in the morning.


Nathon Beach

On our last day in Koh Samui, we had a chilled day, where we meandered along the beach to Lamai town, devoured food at Harry’s, relaxed while enjoying a Thai massage, bathe in the refreshing sea and laid among the golden sand. Somehow we had forgotten our shoes so our feet burned in the process on the blazing pavements in the town.IMG_6437

Thailand is home to many astonishing Island and I am so bless to have the opportunity to travel for a couple of weeks around three of the most popular ones: Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Even though I have done two of these previously, I still found new places to explore and had new experiences with different friends.

I will be back to see these sights again in the future.

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