Kuta, Bali: last day of travelling Asia

IMG_20151118_125940After a long drive back to Kuta, I found my hostel in the back streets with loads of local food.I wandered around the street to find some food.IMG_20151118_151234

The evening was a bit random, where I hung around with a few English guys, some Indian guys and a Balinese guy. We just stayed up to the early hours of the morning drinking beer and chatting. Some of the guys were trying to get some drugs, which backfired as they gave some money to the Bali guy but his friends didn’t come back with the goods.

The following day, I wandered around the main street which is just full of tourists, souvenir shops and expensive restaurant. I brought a couple of pieces of clothing before relaxing on the beach. The beach was a bit disappointing but it did have several surfers. Then I treated myself to a last cheap massage before heading to an expensive country. It was so good. I now miss having weekly massages.IMG_20151118_125902

Then I ate some food before return my motorbike . This was a sad moment for me as I knew this was the last time I was going to ride a bike for a decent amount of time. One of my favourite hobbies in Asia was driving around on a scooter, exploring and finding spectacular views.IMG_20151118_160125

After walking a couple of miles back to the hostel, I just chilled thinking about my next adventure. I had a last meal out in Bali enjoying tasty, cheap Asian food before jumping in a taxi to the airport. I cheacked in my bag, went through security and rested in the departure lounge before climbing on to the plane for a 1am flight.

I felt sad to be leaving South-East Asia and for this part of my adventure to end. I totally loved Ubud and being here in Bali. I am going to missing you Asia but I was looking forward to living in a new country and meeting my friend from England.

My next blog will be in Australia. So long Asia.


Ubud, Bali: monkeys, rice terraces and Balinese Temples

IMG_20151116_121225Ubud was just amazing. This has got to be one of my favourite places of my trip. The culture, views, people, food, atmosphere, architecture was just incredible.IMG_20151116_103131

After getting lost with the one way roads in Ubud, I found my hostel, which was just lovely. The hostel I stayed in was off the main road into rural area. It had rooms with wooden, triple bunk beds. There was a several pools and a view to die for. It was heaven.IMG_20151116_121531

While relaxing by the pool, I met several travellers. I decided to meet a girl I had met in Vietnam with a guy from the hostel where we had dinner at a restaurant of more Balinese food. Then we went to bar and enjoyed a cold beer.

The following day was a fun-filled, packed day where I explored Ubud by motorbike with the guy from the hostel. IMG_20151116_145911

The first place, we went to was the monkey forest, which is a famous place to go in Ubud but I was slightly scared to go as I have a fear of monkeys biting. I faced my fear and walked around the forest literally filled with so many monkeys, walking, climbing and jumping around. I just kept my distant. There were different type of monkeys with babies. The area had tall tree, a temple, stone structures, bridges and a river. It was just a completely different type of place i had been before.IMG_20151116_151135

After we grabbed a coffee at a cafe before driving to the main town to  find Campuhan Ridge walk, which wasn’t easy to find. However, the walk was spectacular with great views of Ubud landscape and natural hills.

Next we drove to the hot spring water Temple,IMG_20151117_133021 where a guy showed us the correct direction but tried to convince us that we needed to pay parking which was untrue. The temple had a hot spring, where you could bath but we had to make sure we had our legs covered with a sarong. The temple grounds were beautiful with buildings and a lake with loads of large goldfish. Driving through the windy road in the countryside was definitely one of my favourite things. i just can’t put into words how amazing the view was.IMG_20151117_130611

On the way back, we got slightly lost but we managed to find our hostel. Then we relaxed by the pool with a beer. In the evening, we ate at a vegan restaurant, which was expensive for Bali and had a few drinks at a bar with a live band.IMG_20151117_133924

The following day in Ubud, I was meant to visit some more places with the guy but unfortunately on the way, he skidded off his motorbike. As it made such a loud noise, several people came out their houses to help. A family helped him by cleaning his wounds and picking up his bike. His scratches and cut which made me feel a bit nauseous. They were so lovely and drove him to a private clinic, where I followed. He hadn’t broken anything, just multiple scratches. He decided he needed to rest at the hostel.IMG_20151117_133956

As it was my last day in Ubud, I explored some more. I motorbiked around the countryside, where I saw a sign which said free tasting so I thought I would investigate. Inside, a lovely, chatty Balinese girl gave me a tour of the tea and coffee farm, telling me about the famous Luwak Coffee. There were luwak animals in cages; they were so cute. IMG_20151117_144416The animals partly
digest the coffee cherries and defecate them, where they are then dried. As part of the tour, they offer ten different coffees and teas, which was just amazing.

I then drove to the breath-taking Tegalalang Rice Terrace, which was just at the side of the road. There were many poor children trying to sell postcards for ‘school fees’.IMG_20151117_145506

After, I drove back to the main road in Ubud to go to a small food place which I got recommended the day before with traditional Balinese food for dirt cheap. The I walked along visiting  Sarawati Temple with a beautiful lotus pond and Ubud palace. It was just so picturesque. Then I went back to the hostel to collect my bag before driving to the next place.My own time in Ubud was just so good. It is a place I want to return to as I missed out on doing yoga and estatic dancing.

Semiyak, Bali: Tanah Lot, police and beaches


Bali is one of those destination that you can dream about as a European traveller. From the time of reading and watching Eat, Love, Pray, it was one place I wanted to visit. I think you can have preconception of the place: I definitely did. At first, I was slightly disappointed. It was not what I was expecting.IMG_20151115_100547

I arrived into the airport late at night. The hostel had told me only to take certain taxis otherwise they will over charge you. Following their instructions was not easy and I could not find where to go. I just wanted to get to the hostel safely at a reasonable price so in the end I just bargained with driver.I felt anxious as he drove towards Semiyak as I didn’t know whether he would take me to the correct place or not. Luckily with the map.me app, I could follow the route. At around midnight, I arrived at the hostel where I checked in. The hostel was a capsule place where the bunk beds are divided by walls. Unfortunately, there were loud, inconsiderate traveller banging around and shouting at the early hours of the morning.

The next day, I rented a scooter down the road and drove to Tanah Lot, which was about a 30 minute drive. The roads were gravel with no road markings and little signs through countrysides with rice fields and little villages. It was just so picturesque. IMG_20151115_120346

Tanah lot is a rock formation on the coast with a temple on a slight hill. The view was just incredible with waves crashing against the cliffs. There were many tourist around with market-like souvenir shops and restaurants but I managed to find some quiet, quaint paths with Balinese style houses.

On the way back to the hostel, I got stopped by the police. I didn’t know what to do. I heard that police will often stop foreigners on Scooters to get money from them so I got told to just drive away. Unlike other Asia countries, they are more strict.IMG_20151115_135749 I was approaching some lights when they turned red so I stopped, but I happened to stopped where pedestrians walk. A police officer came up to me and I pretended I didn’t understand him. When the lights turned green, I tried to drive away but he managed to pull my key out. I went with him to his office where I panicked. He asked to see my Driver’s Licence, where he would have known that I understood English. He tried to bargain with me to get money but I didn’t have any visible cash. The conversation went around he circles, where he refused to give me back my licence and told me I would have to go to court to collect it. In the end, I put my face in my hands, where they reluctantly let me go without paying anything. I managed to get away with it. After this, I was wary about driving but this didn’t stop me. I just made sure I was behind or hidden by the traffic.

For lunch, I ate at a canteen restaurant where I could choose different food from Bali including tofu, egg, noodles and vegetable. It was so tasty.IMG_20151115_142742

In the afternoon, I went to the beach to relax and admire the view but the beach wasn’t as nice as other beaches I have seen. It was seemed dirty.

After collecting my backpack from the hostel, I drove for a couple of hours to Ubud.


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