New Zealand: Auckland

In Auckland, we disembarked where I bid my farewells to a few people before walking to the hostel. Well, the hostel was a shock. Once I had checked in, I stepped foot into this dodgy lift to the fourth floor, went inside a room full of people, where I felt slightly overwhelmed. I chatted to some people who invited me out on the pub crawl. After a quick shower and change with a glass in my hand, I joined the others: a few Irish, English and French. We moved down to the pub, where we were given a drink. We went to three other bars, chatted and danced. There were also games in the different bars, where I got involved with one. The bars were on top with tunes playing throughout the night.img_20161028_125303

Four of us were given a banana to shake with a step-o-monitor where we shook them for 60 seconds. It was all a bit of fun and the best, and surprising part was that I won. I WON. My prize was a free Stray North Journey pass. Unfortunately, I had a full pass with them so later on I found out it was non-refundable or transferable. Therefore, it was a waste for me and I couldn’t use it.

A couple of us walked through Albert park at night before I headed to bed.

With a bit of a lie-in, I rose from my bed to sort some things out and explore the city. There wasn’t as much as I thought to do in Auckland. I walked along the Viaduct (the harbour) with views of islands in the distance and the city. I wandered around, looking at the Sky tower, Art gallery, shops and art area.

By mid-afternoon, my stomach was churning so I treated myself to a Dominos as it was only $5. After I met a friend, who I met while I was doing my orientation in Thailand, and she lives in Auckland. We went for coffee and caught up on our lives since we last saw each other.img_20161028_113913

Back at the hostel, I bumped into some people who encouraged me to join them for a Halloween evening. I hung out with them in the toilet while they put on Halloween make-up. One guy from New Zealand had previously been a make-up artist at a spooky house so he was incredible talented making the group look awesome. I just had a small, bloody slash on the side of my face.

Downstairs in the bar area, we joined the party, meeting some more people, drinking and dancing to some tunes. I decided not to go to bed too late as I had to get up early for the start of my tour and I totally didn’t want to miss the bus.


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