The Philippines: Scuba Diving around Apo Island


The next day, I got up super early to have complimentary breakfast of eggs, fruit, toast and juice, before walking to the scuba diving shop. I was so excited but also slightly nervous.

Filling in a standard form and trying the equipment was easy. I got in a Jeepney, taking us on about 30 minute ride to an abandoned shore with the boat waiting for us. The boat was a typical Filipino structure which was a narrow boat with bamboo shafts that stuck out like wings. Unfortunately, we had to wait for late comer but soon enough we were on our way to Apo Island.

There were many foreigners and locals aboard mostly snorkelling. While moving, I soaked up she sun lying at the front.

img_20160824_120408When we were close to our first diving stop on the east side of the Island, I had a quick briefing session with the guide. It ended up just the two of going together, which eased my worries as he would have to focus on me.

With my wetsuit on, tank on my back and googles ready, I stepped into the moving water and blew up my BCD.

Following a rope down, we dived to the bottom with masses of coral and fish. We swam around looking around and exploring the deep ocean sinking further and further to around 22m, looking along the walls.

We saw morise idol, hawk turtle, bell snake, moory eel, lion fish, box fish, soft coral and a cave. It was incredible.

With the gas slowly running out, we resurfaced after 50 minutes. Back on the boat, drying in the sun, I had some bread with jam and an air break.

Further around the island was our next spot, where we got ready for our next scuba diving session. After a bit of a rest, I geared up again before heading down to the bottom of the ocean for some more exploring.

We saw tryger fish, snake, morry eel, a school of jack fish, bandit sea snake, clam, tiger cowry shell, soft and hard coral, nemo and a sharktail.


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Diving is just an incredible experience. Then I had some noodles and a boiled egg for lunch sitting under the sun. I was tempted to do another dive but instead at the third spot, I snorkeled in the choppy and high current of the sea with one person from the boat.
At the end of our time around Apo island, we sailed back to the shore mid afternoon.

Driving back to the store was a peaceful journey. I decided I was in need of a massage especially as I was in Asia and knew that it would be cheap. Just up the road from my hostel was a nice looking massage place, where I had a typical Filipino full body massage. It was so relaxing. For the reast of the evening, I chilled, ate noodle then went to bed.


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