The Outback in Australia: Kings Canyon, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock

img_20161120_064204With our guide strumming on a ukulele at 4am, I gently woke up, had a shower and shovelled some toast down me before mounting on the bus with the others. We got driven to Kings Canyon, where we filled up our water bottles and started our hike. The first part of the walk was up a steep hill with step, which was the hardest point of the trek. fb_img_1479694626786At the top, the view was incredible of red desert going beyond the horizon, and the variation of red on the red which formed Kings Canyon. Once we took some photos, we carried on to find a spot to watch the sunrise which was so picturesque: I have never seen a view like this before.

The hike in total was about 8km winding in and out of the stone formations as well as resting at the Garden of Eden, a pool of water with a few trees. img_20161120_094847I think out of all the walks I have done over the last few days, this was definitely my favourite with just mesmerising views around every corner. Our guide told us about a few trees and different animal species.

As we started the hike so early, we were back at the camp at about 10am, where we packed up our things and took a rest before preparing lunch. We ate hotdog and burger sandwiches which our tour guide cooked on the BBQ for us.

img_20161120_072927  img_20161120_053353

When we had finished, we journeyed for about 5 hours to Alice Springs, taking a break at a camel farm to see emus, spider and of course, camels as well as stopping to take some photos in front of the Alice Springs sign. Over the past few days I got close to a Danish girl and German girl, where we would soon split as the German girl was staying elsewhere.img_20161120_064133

At the hostel, we checked in and they put us all in separate dorms, which made no sense as a group of us were going to be getting up at the same time. Anyway, I chucked my bag next to a lower bunk and decided to have a shower as I had been sweating from the heat of the sun. I’m sure no-one wants to hang out with a smelly me.img_20161120_053204

Feeling refreshed and clean, I met some of the others to collect a veggie burger, which was our dinner. The hostel had a trivia quiz night so we decided to get our minds in gear to win the prize, if we got every question correct, $250. There was no way that was going to happen as I am super rubbish at general knowledge. I have a memory of a goldfish so I cannot retain useless information. In the end we came 3rd out of 7 groups but that’s only because some of the Spanish passengers from the trip secretly told us answers.

fb_img_1479694671791  DCIM118GOPRO

After a selection of us from the tour plus a few randoms played charades with a slight twisted to make everyone involved and bit easier: in threes or fours, we had to act out a scene from an English movie to the other group. It was good fun but exhaustion was starting to hit me. Before subsiding to my bed, we had a break from the game to go to the petrol station to get snacks for the next day. As soon as we were back at the hostel, I went to my room and collapsed in a pileDCIM118GOPRO.

The following day at 4.10am, my alarm beeped against my ear telling me to rise and shine. It was way too early. I should be use to waking up at this time because of the time different with New Zealand but no; every day I was struggling.

img_20161120_162831Once I was quietly had a shower, well kind of quiet as the shower made loads of loud noises, I got dressed, packed my backpack and waited for the hostel people to bring out breakfast. Eventually with 4 minutes to spare, I made some toast and tea and hopped on the bus back to Ayers Rock: another 5 hours journey. We stopped a couple of times for breaks at the same places as before but other than that the journey was pretty uneventful. There were two new tour guides on this tour, who dropped majority of the bus off at the airport leaving us with three people. I was invited by the driver to stay for lunch before taking me to the lodge. How could I refuse a free lunch even if it was just cheese and salad sandwiches?

At the huge lodge I was staying at, I managed to check in early to a 20 bed female dorm. I know… so big but actually everyone was heaps respectful.

DCIM118GOPRO   img_20161120_173906

In the afternoon, I didn’t do much except lounge by the pool and go for a swim. Majority of the time, the sun wasn’t out, just clouds in the air but it was still about 30 degrees. As it became closer to evening time, I made dinner, watched the sunset over Uluru and then sorted out my photos before dozing off asleep to catch up on sleep.


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