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Bogota, Colombia: Monserrate, free walking tour and interesting food

IMG_2722The following morning, we rose from our bed early as everyone was rummaging around, making a lot of noise. We had a shower, prepared for the day and ate the complimentary breakfast, which was an arepa and egg. I now know arepas are eaten for a typically Colombian breakfast, which are just so versatile and delicious.IMG_2693

After, we walked around 5 km to the historical centre to start the free walking tour. There was a huge group of us and a lovely tour guide, who took us around different places in the centre, telling us about the history of Colombia. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about the history even though I had planned to live here. It was extremely interesting. As part of the tour, we stopped in cafe to try Colombian piscos and at Botero museum, who is an artist that paints with a fat perspective. It’s really clever with a lot of thought behind his detail. Towards the end of the tour, we stopped the main plaza, where the palace used to be and our guided talked about Pablo Escobar in an informative way. However, the police heard her say his name and then started questioning her to say that she couldn’t promote him (which she wasn’t doing in the slightest). After a lengthy chat, they eventually let her carry on guiding us around the city.IMG_2718

Once the tour was over, we went to a restaurant she had recommended to try  a hot chocolate drink with cheese inside and bread. It was an interesting concoction, where I decided I preferred to eat them all separately rather than together.

After, we walked through the city with graffiti covered walls to Monserrate, the cable car up the mountain. It was quite busy here but the ride was enjoyable, where we saw a magnificent view of the whole city. We wandered around up here, where there was a small church, market with souvenirs and food, and horses. Once we had taken plenty of name, we took the cable car back to the centre and caught a taxi with two other tourists to our hostel.Bogotas-speciality-the-strangest-combination-of-foods-768x576

It was time to say goodbye to travelling and my incredible friend I had been travelling with for over 2 weeks. It was a sad moment. I collected my luggage and bid farewell to my friend, where she was going to continue her travels around Colombia. A friend, who was from Bogota that I met in Australia, picked me as I was staying with him for a few days before starting my orientation.

IMG_2681Over the next few days, I helped him as he was opening a new juice shop, as well as seeing some different sights, hanging out and drinking aquadiente on a night out.

Travelling South America over the last few months has been amazing, where I have seen new places, experienced new things, saw Machu Picchu, made some awesome friends and just generally had fun exploring. Now, it’s time to kind of settle for some month in Colombia. Okay, so it’s not really ‘normal’ life as I will be experiencing a new culture but I will have to work again, well teaching, which doesn’t really feel like work as I enjoy it so much.

Farewell travelling. Farewell moving around.



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