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Cairns again: lagoon, markets and chilling

IMG_20160604_142832After three days of being in the rain forest  up north, I arrived back in cairns for one last night before heading north-west. IMG_20160604_142923

Once I got to the hostel early evening, I checked in and took the lift to my room. The hostel had made a slight mistake with my booking so ended up in an 8 bed for the price of a 12 bed. Win!DCIM103GOPRO

There was only a guy in my room, who wasn’t planning on going out. Straight on my phone I messaged the two girls from England and the English guy and two German people to see who was planning on going out. Both! The girls were on there way back from a day trip so I changed and went to the others with my leftover goon. IMG_20160604_145349

Tonight was ladies night again at the hostel but it was a lot busier than before, maybe because it was a Friday night. The night consisted of champagne, line skipping by knowing people and making new friends, dancing, socialising with my newly made friend then at the end of my night going to bed. IMG_20160604_143514

Ringing from my alarm told me it was time to rise, shower and check out all before ten o’clock. My last day in Cairns was super chilled, where I made myself then hung out in the room with the two Germans and British guy. I had a few errands to run including buying flip flops, posting some postcards, booking a shuttle to the airport and finding some juice.

IMG_20160604_134225After I met the group at the lagoon to lay in the sun and enjoy the cool pool. Mid-afternoon, I collected my luggage and jumped on the shuttle van to the airport.

It’s a goodbye to the East coast for a while until I go back to Sydney and a farewell to Cairns.

IMG_20160604_142801The East Coast has been incredible: 4WD driving, Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling, extreme white water rafting, sunsets, coastal walks, lagoons, rain forest, amazing wildlife and see life, partying, surfing, Whitehaven beach, searching for animals and so much more. I am so grateful for all the awesome people I met, who have made my time here, and the beautiful views.

Now onto the next part of my adventures: Darwin, Perth and Fiji.

Cairns: Great Barrier Reef, Gilligans and lagoon

IMG_20160604_142832What can I say about Cairns: it’s party central where you bump into all your friends which met up the East Coast.

As I got of the Greyhound, I noticed a couple of guys I knew from Airlie Beach, who were staying at my hostel so we walked together there. I ended up staying in the party hostel with a nightclub downstairs.DCIM103GOPRO

As soon as I entered into my room of 8 beds, I was asked about whether I wanted to go out and I just couldn’t resist. With a quick change of clothing and goon out of my bag, I soon started to get to know my roomies. I was initially sharing with a guy and a girl from England, a Scottish lass, a Swedish girl and an Australian guy.

After a couple of drinks, we headed down to the club for a bit of a boogie. I, unfortunately, lost my room mates as I kept bumping into people I knew so chatted with them for a bit. Once I had danced the night away, I resided to my dorm room, where the music was still pumping. Luckily, I was too tired so fell asleep quickly when my head hit the pillow.DCIM103GOPRO

The next day, I treated myself to a long lie in, where I eventually got up at around midday and had a shower. The Scottish girl and I decided to order Dominos as we were starving.
For the rest of the afternoon, I didn’t do too much except book a tour for the following day, laid by the pool in the hostel and skyped a couple of people.

In the evening, it was very similar to the night before, where we drank goon in the room then headed down to the club for ladies night and a wet t-shirt competition. Ladies night consisted of 5 free champagnes for an hour, where we got given vouchers and we just had to queue up with our wine glass. The two waiter were hunky, topless men with bow ties.

While I was mooching around the club, I bumped into the two British girls from Magnetic Island and the two Dutch guys from the white water rafting. We decided to leave the club to walk around town but ended up coming back to the club to dance for the rest of the night. I knew I had to be up early but I still decided to have a late oneDCIM102GOPRO as I wouldn’t be able to sleep with all the booming and notice from the room. Once I felt tired enough, I headed up to the room to snuggle up and sleep in the large bunk beds.

Beep beep! My alarm had woken me up early to get up and ready for the day ahead. With tiresome eyes, I dragged myself out of bed and showered to wake me up. I walked to the port area to have a day on the Great Barrier Reef.

Once I had found the desk, I filled in the forms and mounted onto the boat. On the boat, I grabbed some pastries for breakfast and a cuppa then sat down. I ms tarted chatting to an English girls, who’s currently doing an intern in Sydney.
As we headed out to the middle of the reef, I, unfortunately, found out I couldn’t do the introductory scuba diving because of a mix up of medical things on the form. However, I found out that you couldn’t see anymore that what I saw snorkeling.DCIM103GOPRO

When we arrived, the ocean was calm and a mixture of blue tones, looking beautiful in the shimmering light. Striping to my bikini, putting on the flipper, snorkel masks, I jumped into the ocean, which apparently was about 27 degrees Celsius but it kind of felt colder.
I swam around for a couple of hours with my head under the waters. The world in the sea is just incredible. I’m still so amazed at the different types of beautiful fish and unique, colourful coral.IMG_20160530_122320

Back on the boat, I chilled again in the sun before moving to the glass bottom boat to have a look under the ocean a slightly different way. After about 30 minutes, we climbed aboard the main boat to have lunch, which was a buffet of prawns, salmon, side salads, sweet potato salad and rice salad. It was tasty! While eating, the British girl and I sat at the front of the boat to relax, eat and hit some rays.

Next, the boat sailed to a different part of the reef so that we could snorkel some more and identify new sea creatures and coral. The water was so warm as I swam with my fippers and snorkel. Near the end of the session, I saw a turtle, which was incredible. It was just chilling on the bottom of the ocean. I managed to dive down and take a close up of it. This literally made my day.DCIM103GOPRO

On the way back to mainland Australia, we just relaxed on the boat with the crew feeding us endless supply of delicious food: first fresh fruit then a cheese and biscuit platter (I hadn’t had cheese in so long so I very much appreciated this), then a mixture of different cakes.

It was another one of those crazy nights again. While eating dinner in the hostel, where they do $4 backpacker meals, there was a kind of show with a small crocodile and snake but I decided just to see them from a distance. Back in the room, we changed into our evening attire then started on the goon before heading down to the club for a dance and a wiggle. In the early hours of the morning, I headed back to a friend’s room to chat but ended up falling asleep there.DCIM103GOPRO

The following morning, my friend’s alarm woke me up early as they were going on a tour so I jumped into my bed for a snooze. It was a pretty chilled day, where four of us from our room just laid in bed chatting for a bit then grabbed some lunch at a Irish pub, where I had fish and chips. The Scottish girl left us to catch a plane to Sydney. After, we went down to the lagoon to lay in the sun and bathe in the refreshing water but it kept drizzling in small spurts throughout the afternoon. As we headed back to the hostel, we walked through the market, which had a food court and small souvenir shops.

After eating vegetable curry and rice from the hostel, I took my goon to a British guys room, who I meet in Byron Bay but kept bumping into him and his friend up the east coat. Four of us, two British and a guy and girl from German, brought some drink from the liquor store then sneaked it into our rooms as we were technically allowed to take in alcohol. In their room, we drank a bit before going downstairs for ladies nights and a wet t-shirt competition. Again, there were lots of people I knew around including the Dutch guys, where We went for walk.IMG_20160530_070620

For the rest of the night, the three people I went out with danced then went to search for food but unfortunately nothing was open except a pizza place outside the hostel , where we managed to get a whole pizza for $15. We ate in my friend’s room before falling asleep.

With my alarm buzzing early, the next morning, I struggled to drag myself out of bed but I needed to as I was being picked up to start a tour of the North. Once I had showered, packed and checked out, I hopped onto the bus to leave Cairns. I knew I would be back in a few day so it wasn’t a farewell.


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