Hey! How’s it going?

My name’s Jessica and I’m from England. I’m a world travelling teacher, covering over 45 countries in 6 different continents (just Antartica to teach in now).

Here’s a little bit of my story:

I started my career in teaching in 2012 after completing the PGCE at Southampton University, England. After being a Primary School class teacher and doing supply work for 2 and a half years, I decided to take a career break.

From January 2015, my life changed. I initially planned to be away for 9 months doing mission work, travelling and working as a teacher abroad. For 3 months, I was in South Africa with ICS Tearfund leading a team, while being involved with voluntary work. Then I  travelled around South East Asia for a month before settling in Thailand to teach.

After teaching in a private school in Bangkok for 6 months, I decided not to go back to England but travel around South-East Asia before moving to Sydney. I was base there for a year, teaching foreign adults English, but also travelled around Australia and Fiji.

Once my year visa was up, I travelled New Zealand, more of Oz and other parts of Asia. It was then time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with family and friends in England before moving on again.

My last adventure was on a new continent: South America. I travelled Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador for 6 weeks before attending an orientation in Bogotá, Colombia and moving to Medellin to teach English. 

I working as an English Teacher for 4 months at SENA to mostly young adults as well as private tutoring and teaching online, which was a new experience.

Now it’s time to be a backpacker again, travelling Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, England, some countries in Eastern Europe and The USA.

I’m now starting to brand myself so I can help fellow budget backpackers, travelling teachers, share my experiences, tips as a world traveller and start teaching more people English online. If you want English lessons online, please feel free to contact me.

This blog started as a personal diary to share my life, travels, adventures and experiences as a teacher.


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One of my favourite things to do whilst travelling is Scuba Diving! 🌊🐟🐠🐡🦀 ~ This was me a few months ago on the beautiful island of San Andres in Colombia admiring the fish and statues under water. 🇨🇴 ~ What are some of your favourite thing to do while travelling?
I have driven in some crazy places around the world, but one of my favourites was driving a 4x4 along sand on Fraser Island in Australia with the beautiful beach just there. 🏖️🚙 ~ What incredible places have you driven in? Comment below.
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I love finding hidden gems in different countries as I travel. This is a hostel called Casa en el Aire on the side of a cliff with incredible views of the mountains in Colombia. Here, you can zipline to the hostel, do a big swing from the huts or lie in a hammock in the air. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. 🏞️ ~ Where are your favourite hidden gems whilst travelling? Comment below so we can encourage others to go to these places too!
When I'm in different places, I like to try different food and restaurants. 🌯🍛 ~ With this incredible view in Jericó and picnic tables, I had the most delicious veggie burger and fries. Of course, dessert is a must with a chocolate moose. ~ Where have you eaten with an unexpected landscape? Comment below ~ In the bio, there is a blog post about what you can do in this local Colombian village: Jericó
Getting up early after a bad night of camping to the highest point in Antioquía, Colombia on Páramo Frontino was totally worth seeing this incredible view! 🌄⛺⛰️ I was literally flying above the clouds. - Where were you when you had to get up super early, but it was worth the effort? Let me know in the comments.
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