Cusco, Peru: Part 2 – party and relaxing

So back in Cusco after my three day Jungle trek and seeing the amazing Machu Piccu.

[003286]The next day, I didn’t put on an alarm and just woke up when I felt like it. During the morning, I just ate the basic breakfast, chilled and showered. Once I was ready to move, I walked in to the town centre as I needed to book my overnight ticket to the next city in the Peru and withdrawn some money from the ATM.

I was planning to go to a vegan restaurant called green point for lunch but on the way, I bumped into some of others from the jungle trek tour who had the same idea. Together, we went to a ‘sister’ restaurant as the original one was full.  We had the set menu, which was a delicious and I would totally recommend the place.

After, we met the Swiss girl in a café  and chilled for a bit. A big group of us from the tour decided to get a place together for the night so that we could socialise and go out. We found a luxury hotel, where we basically booked the hotel. It was a bit pricey but it was a treat.

The rest of the afternoon was lazy, where I had a full body massage, collect my bus ticket, grabbed my bag and walked to the hotel.

In the evening, we first ordered pizza and brought bottles of alcohol to have a variety of drinks including pisco sours. There was about fifteen of us that hung out in the hotel, drinking until we were ready to go out. Initially, we were going to a hostel party but there weren’t many people there so we headed to a club instead. We danced the night away with a mixture of English and Spanish music. It was such a fun night with a great group of people.

The following day, we woke up casually, feeling a little worst for wear. Two of the girls had to leave to get a flight. Some of the others needed to find accommodation for the night whereas I was catching a night bus to my next destination.

The day didn’t consist of doing much during the day except checking out, having coffee and food, and helping the others find an accommodation. Once they had found an apartment, I decided to have a nap for a couple of hours.

Early evening, I bid my farewell to the group then walked to the hotel to collect my bag. I ordered a taxi, which took me to the bus station. I dropped my bag off and waited for the bus to depart. On the bus, I got comfy then fell asleep for the night.

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