Coroico, Bolivia: walks and beautiful landscapes

?IMG_0900Are you feeling stressed with the busyness of city life? Do you want to travel to a quiet town not far from La Paz? Coroico is one of the most beautiful little town, where one can relax, take in the clean air and just appreciate the natural beauty it has to offer.

I wanted to get up quite early the next day as I was going to get the bus to Coroico. Once I was ready, I had breakfast then took a taxi to Terminal Minasa, which was quite far out of the city, taking about 25 minutes to get through the city traffic. When I got dropped off, I managed to navigate myself to a counter selling tickets to Coroico in a minivan. It cost around 30 Bolivianos to get there.  The road was the new road I had biked on a few days earlier but all the way down the hill until it turned off to a gravel road up to Coroico. For most of the way, I just listened to music and gazed outside at the view. The small town was set in the mountains with breath-taking scenery.IMG_0905

When I arrived at the square, my aim was to find a hostel. An traveller had recommended a place just outside the main town with great views and a pool. I emailed them the day before but didn’t get any response. The travellers had convinced me that there would be space but after walking 10 minutes with my heavy bag on my back, I found out they had no room. At first, I panicked a little just in case all other hostel were full. After a few seconds, I realised it would probably okay. I couldn’t be bothered to walk back as I was already sweating so instead I hopped in to a taxi.

I hiked up one of the road off the square, the first hostel had no room for one person and the next did, offering me a single room with a shared bathroom for 35 Bolivianos (£5 – cheap as chips). I was one happy bunny plus a little relieved.IMG_0895

As it was well past midday, I was feeling hungry so my next move was to find food. I found a café offering a three course meal for 12 Bolivianos. When I approached the bar, I told them I wanted the lunch but I was vegetarian in Spanish. No problem. I found a table and waited to be waitered upon. It started with a vegetable soup with a fried banana, then an omelette, potatoes and rice then some kind of slushi for dessert. It was good!

For the rest of the afternoon, I explored the town and the outskirts, walking and finding a spot to sit, just to admire the view. On the way back to the hostel, I bought an avocado, which I was excited about as I Love avocados and haven’t had one in quite a while.

At the hostel, I relaxed, watching a film. I realised then that I didn’t have my hoodie. I didn’t know where it was; it was the only warm clothing I had. Did I leave it in the square when I got out of the mini van? Did I leave it at a different hostel? IMG_0890Did I leave it in the taxi? I had no idea. I wasn’t feeling so annoying. It was only my fault and it was just a piece of clothing that I could just replace. I retraced my step from earlier trying to seek it out but with no luck. As Coroico was no too high above sea level, it wasn’t too cold so I didn’t need it for the moment.

For the rest of the evening, I watched a film in my single room, appreciating not having any room mates before falling asleep. I did, however, get woken up around 2am but noisy travellers outside laughing.

Next day I woke up casually and had a shower. I went in search of bread but couldn’t find any, which is slightly strange because usually there is bread everywhere to buy on the streets in Bolivia. I went back to the hostel to eat my avocado.IMG_0899

After, I went for a walk, just to look at the incredible view, stopping on the way. I found a sigh the previous day for a vegetarian restaurant but unfortunately it was closed. Instead I decided to check out and catch a bus back to La Paz.

At the bus station, there was so many people selling ticket. I bought a ticket but got confused about the Spanish. I thought she wasn’t going to give my change so I returned to her to give her the correct money. I had to wait for a while for the minivan to fill up before we could hit the road. The journey was the same route as the previous day, where I stared at the view the whole way with my music.

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