Colombo, Sri Lanka: Final destination before home

The train arrived at Hikkadura and there were no seats so I sat in the doorway, staring outside at the scenery. Two boys stood on the outside of the train, hanging on as the train moved. They were chewing some red paste and leaves, which I know they have in India. It a kind of mild drug, a bit like tobacco.img_20161215_170854

After several hours, I was back in the main train in Colombo. I headed outside to find a tuk tuk but wasn’t finding it hard as they waited to charge an extortionate price. I must have been luckily last time to get it the correct price, which the hostel told me. In the end, I managed to barter down as I was losing the will to live.img_20161219_104918

When I got to the hostel, I checked in and put my bags in my room. There wasn’t anyone really around, which suited me. I cooked my last pasta and sauce from Australia, which I’ve been carrying around with me this whole time.

The hostel lady went out to the shops and asked me to let anyone in who rang the bell. Other than that, in the evening I just laid on my bed and watched a movie before falling asleep.img_20161219_121035

The next day was my last day in Sri lanka as well as my last day travelling. It’s already time to finish but I was excited to be going back to my hometown for Christmas and New Year as I hadn’t been in England for two years.

With a little bit of a lie in, I had a shower and got dressed before eating some breakfast of fried egg and toast.

I then headed into the centre of Colombo for a day of exploring. I followed a city route advertised in the hostel to make the most of my day. I wandered through the streets passing the hospital, national museum of Colombo, Viaramahadevi Park, St Lucia’s cathedral, Gangaramaya park and temple to Galle face beach. It was nice to wander around to see the sight but it wasn’t anything special. There were a few high building with the streets pretty clean. The beach was lovely with local swimming the sea.img_20161219_111231

I stopped off the have lunch at a restaurant near the main train station, where I ordered rice with a selection of different vegetables curries.

I carried on walking around this area, where there were several markets including manning market and the street full of people, making it hard to get anywhere fast. Smells of food and fruit, and noises of cars and shouting filled the streets. It was a little overwhelming and kind of exhausting navigating myself around people. I purchased some mangos, where I ended up having five. There was no way I would be able to eat this many in one day.

I looked around Pettah Floating market but there was nothing there except a few food places on the river front. After, I walking back to my hostel, relaxing and eating mango.

My flight wasn’t until 1.30 in the morning but I wanted to be there in plenty of time. I had a shower and put on some fresh, comfy clothes to sleep on the plane.img_20161219_112809

Early evening, I managed to find a taxi to take me to the bus station. The driver showed me the mini van I needed to get. The person on the mini van wanted to charge me double, one seat for my bag but I smiled and he said to put my bag by my feet. It was a very squashy journey with no room by my feet and a lady pushed against me. It took about an hour to get to the airport but I had heaps of time so I didn’t have to spend out on a taxi.

Sri Lanka was a beautiful place with great food. I wish I was here a little longer to explore other places around the country.

At the airport, I waited for a few hours, purchasing a pasty and sweets. I couldn’t go through the security until the schedule said I could sign in. I queued up before but they wouldn’t let me through.img_20161219_131748

When it was time, I waited in a queue to go through security, placing both bags to be checked and then lined up to check in with my airline. This was easy enough to do. The airport was quite big but there were signs everywhere. Next I went through immigration and security again. I had a few hours until I needed to board my plane to Kuwait. I sat and ate a sandwich.

I found my gate number, where you go through security again into a waiting room but it didn’t have a toilet. The security guy started chatting to me finding a little about me. In the waiting room, our plane was called a little late, where they checked our tickets and I found my seat. It was going to be a long journey. I was feeling so tired, which was a good thing because I would literally just nod off. The only annoying thing was they wanted to give us food and then sleep. The journey to Kuwait took about 6 hours. I slept easily.img_20161219_115957

At Kuwait airport, I had a few hours to kill until my next flight so I bought a coffee from Starbuck but was disappointed in it.

The last leg of my journey was uneventful, receiving food to eat, sleeping a bit and waiting some films. I can’t believe I was going back to London. We landed slightly early in Heathrow, which wasn’t a problem. I went through security really quickly as I was one of the only few who had a British passport. I collected my bag and went through ‘nothing to declare’. My mum and sister was picking my up from the airport and I was so excited to see them and give them a huge hug. Unfortunately due to the plane being early, there weren’t there at the arrival gate. I waited about 10 minutes to arrive. It was one of my happiest moment. You don’t realise what you’ve missed until you’ve been away for a long time.img_20161219_134258

My sister drove back to our hometown. I was home. It was a weird sensation but also lovely. It seem a bit unreal. The thing is I’m only going to back at home for two weeks before trotting off again to a new place, on a new adventure.

I’m so grateful for all the places I’ve visited, people I’ve met along the way and experiences I’ve had especially these last two months of travelling.

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