Melbourne, Australia: Brighton Beach, St Kilda and Fitzroy area

The next day, I had to check out as I was changing hostel so that I could see one of my friends, who I travelled with in New Zealand. Once I had a shower and ate some toast, I took the free tram with my backpack on my back to Flinders Street. I could check in as it was too early so I placed in the luggage room before meeting the other two German girls at the State Library.img_20161128_122140

First, we looked around the library, where the main room looked like a scene from Harry Potter with a circle wooden centre piece, rows of table in a star shape and tall old-fashioned bookshelves against the four walls. There were also several different exhibitions inside including old drawings, information about the state of Victoria, books and the aboriginal culture.

After we travelled down to Flinders Station, we caught a bus to the outskirts of the city: Brighton Beach. I wanted to visit here because of the fact I’m from Brighton but in a completely different country. We walked along the promenade, gazing at the ocean with the wind blowing in our hair to the colourful beach hut. They were kind of similar to my hometown apart from we have much more of them spread out and some of them haven’t been painted in years. Along with all the other tourists around, we took some snaps but particularly the hut with the Australian flag.img_20161127_140830

A short walk away, we got the bus to St Kilda, an alternative place in Melbourne. On the main street, there were many cafes and restaurants, souvenir places and quirky shops. By this time, we were feeling hungry so we snucked into one of the eateries. I had my heart set on some fish and chips as we had been down the beach so I order a fish platter which included battered squid, a succulent fish piece, seafood stick and chip. It was so tasty plus it was a huge potion so I was stuffed after eating all of it.

We wandered towards the beach, where we looked around Luna Park. It’s similar to the one in Sydney but a little bigger and better ride. On the promenade, there was a market with lots of gift and painting stall. The girls and I got thin feathers in our hair to hippy ourselves up.img_20161127_162356

We strode along the pier, where little penguins were hiding within the rock. It’s amazing. How can wild penguin live in Australia?

After, we took the tram back to our hostel. As I was going through the door, I bumped into my friend from my New Zealand trip. That was easy. In the evening, we caught up at the bar at the hostel before retreating to our beds to sleep.

The following day, I got up, packed and had breakfast before checking out and loading my bag in the luggage room. My friend wanted to do the walking tour, which I had already done, so I met my two German friends, again, outside the State Library.img_20161128_122106

In the morning, we wandered around the Fitzroy area, grabbing a coffee and searching for some street area. There were loads of art painted around on different walls using bright colours. The art varied from piece to piece but they all looked cool. Melbourne is definitely a artistic, quirky place, which I loved as it reminded me of my hometown.

On the way back to my friend’s hostel, we popped into Coles to buy some ingredients to make lunch, where we had creamy tomato and vegetable pasta dish with garlic bread. It was actually so tasty.img_20161128_121921

After lunch, we walked around the shopping area, window shopping. The H&M shop in the centre was a unique place that looked like an art gallery with white walls, modern and a balcony around the edge. Once we had enough of shopping, we chilled at a hostel with a coffee, chatting on the Balcony. I’m so glad I met these girls on my tour; they are so lovely and easy-going.

Later on, I travelled back to my hostel to charge my phone and have a bite to eat. My flight wasn’t until 1.30am but I wanted to make sure I was there early enough. I had agreed to meet one of the German girls as she was leaving for Sydney by bus at 10pm and we had to go to the same station.

Lugging my backpack on my back, I walked to the tram station to meet my friend before parting ways. It’s been lovely hanging out with these two girlies!img_20161127_141711

Then caught the tram to Southern Cross station. We just relaxed and talked before saying goodbye. I took the Skybus to the Melbourne International airport, which took about 30 minutes.

I can’t quite believe I was leaving Australia. I have been living here for a year, interacting with the culture, working, travelling, making a life, home and friends. I don’t know when I will be back but it has been incredible and a part of my heart will always be here.

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