Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: visa difficulty and wandering around the city for a stopover

At the Melbourne airport, I found my check-in number, which had a huge queue. Slowly but surely, after about an hour and a half, I took my place in front of the counter. As I was trying to check-in, the lady was looking up Chinese visas, where she told me I couldn’t board the plane as I didn’t have a Chinese Visa. I explained that for British Citizen, I could enter the country for 72 hours on a transit visa. She still refused and transferred me to speak to another person. Panic! What was I going to do if I couldn’t board this airplane? I pretty sure I was right. I could see the queue behind me had thinned out and my plane was due to board in 15 minutes. With my heart beating fast and trying to be calm, I stood there waiting for a response. Eventually, after conferring with some managers, they realised I was able to go to China. Relief!


Hurrying through security and passport control, I strolled to my gate number to board the plane. Easily enough, I ambled through the tunnel, onto the plane and found my seat. By this time, it was 1.20 in the morning and I was feeling shattered. The flight was 8 hours and luckily for me I could sleep anywhere. Literally, as soon as I sat in my seat, I was dead to the world. I don’t remember taking off or the lights being turned off. I woke up a couple of times but went straight back to sleep.

In a blink of an eye, I hear the call ‘the plane is starting to descend’; we were landing in Kuala Lumpur. I had about 17 hours to kill until my next flight to Beijing.img_20161129_105215

As I landed at about 6.30am, I sat at the airport, changing my phone because there was no point going into the city quite yet and I didn’t want to queue up at passport control. Also, luckily the airline was going to transfer my big bag to the next flight so I didn’t need to lug it around for the day.

When it got a little late, I went through customs and took a bus into the city as this was the cheapest way. I have been to Kuala Lumpur before so I knew my way around the city. From the bus at the main station, I got the train to the next station, which was in the centre by Chinatown.img_20161129_100919

Once I got outside, the polluted air hit me like a strike of lightning, making my lungs feel horrible especially after being in Australia.

In the morning, I wandered up Jaman Petaling Street, where there were markets either side selling clothes, souvenirs and some food. I went to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, which I hadn’t been to before to take a photo of the famous ‘I heart KL’ sign and look around the surrounding area then I walked to Central Market. Inside, there was loads of little shop, which actually wasn’t busy, where I found a little café to have a latte.

After, I strolled back to the station. I decided to have lunch in a place I had been to when I last was in Kuala Lumpur as I knew the food was good and cheap. I order a few rotis, which came with a selection of vegetarian curries.

In the afternoon, I caught the free city bus, first to the Kuala Lumpur tower, which wasn’t that interesting, and then to a stop near the Bukit Buntang walkway to walk to the Petronas twin towers. Unfortunately, the weather was looking grim so the photos aren’t that appealing but it was nice to sit in the park nearby.img_20161129_105337

Next, I ambled back to the huge shopping area called Pavillion KL, which consisted of mainly expensive brands and food outlets. I had a rest in a bubble tea café, which I drank a passion fruit, fizzy drink to cool myself down as it was hot and stuffy outside. I wandered around for a bit before getting the free bus back to Chinatown. I took a look at some of the stalls before deciding to head back to the airport, taking the same route.

At the airport, I didn’t need to check in again so leisurely took my time to go through security and passport control. My flight wasn’t until 10.30pm so I chilled in McDonald, using the rest of my Malaysian money, charging my belongings and sorting out photos.

When my flight was called, I climbed on board and found my seat easily. Again, by this time I was feeling tired as I had been on my feet for most of the day. The journey flew by as I was asleep for majority of the flight except for waking up two or three times.


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