Queenstown: Final goodbyes, gondola rides and an earthquake


I had decided to get up early with the girls to wave them goodbye on their journeys. With their alarms going off, I laid in bed until they were ready to leave.img_20161113_132649

Outside the hostel, a crowd of backpackers waited for their bus to arrive. Waving goodbye, the Irish girl and the driver I’ve had most of the time left to do the deep south. Then shortly after, the two British girls mounted the bright orange bus to continue to Christchurch. I was in a bit of a funny mood, not sure what to do with myself. I was always fine with goodbyes but as I’ve got older it has become harder and harder. I will never forget my time with them.img_20161113_130710

As it was still early, I decided to go back to bed until midday to catch on lost sleep.

After getting dressed and eating some toast, I wandered around the city, first trying to find the market but without any success. Then I mooched over to the gardens by the beach, which was such a peaceful walk with the most picturesque scenery. The cool air brushed through my hair. One side of me was the gentle lake and on the other was a forest. In the forest, there were many Frisbee goals to enjoy and sounds of different birds chirping away. I did a loop around the park admiring the views including fountains and beautiful flowers.img_20161111_184728

While walking through the town centre, I meandered in and out of shops, looking for postcards, tasting fudge and tea. It was just so tasty.

I wanted to go to the top of the mountain so moseyed towards the opening of the hilly path. However, I had been advised by a fellow traveller to go up the mountain in a gondola. Usually I’m pretty careful with my money and would have walked up but I decided to treat myself after losing my friends.DCIM117GOPRO

Once I had purchased a ticket, I joined the queue for the gondolas, where I stepped in the revolving mental box and took a seat. A lady insisted on taking my photo before ascending up. The high I got, the better the view was. It was such a beautiful day with the sun blazing down and a slight breeze.

At the top, I walked round the viewing deck to take some photos and watch people throw themselves off a ledge to do a bungy jump. As I continued strolling higher along a windy path, many people were paragliding and racing cars down a track on the luges. I took myself to a quiet area on a patch on grass and just watched the world go by and reflect for a bit whilst being mesmerised by the sight.img_20161113_151333

Later on in the afternoon, I rode the gondola back to the ground floor and with my stomach feeling empty, I bought a veggie pie, which New Zealanders eat all the time (it was my first one as the majority of them have different meats in). Back at the hostel I met two girls who had just moved into the room and exchanged the normal sort of information but they were very drunk.DCIM117GOPRO

At about 6.30pm, I went to cookie time (famous in NZ) as they had 2 for 1 on their hot cookies, where I got a rocket road and a white chocolate and cranberry cookie. They just melted in my mouth. I went to the supermarket to buy lunch for my day trip the following day.

In the evening, I just chatted to my Mum on skype and then had an early bedtime. When I went to sleep, the two British drunk girls were already in bed together. I think they were a couple and they might have been having fun with each other when I walked.

Some point after midnight, I got woken up, which is very unusual for me. Initially I thought it was because of the girls talking to herself, saying ‘my bed’s wet’ and her rummaging about as she had wet the bed. How gross! However, the next day I found out there was a huge earthquake north of Christchurch but it shook the whole of New Zealand so this is probably what woke me up.

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