Milford Sound, New Zealand



As I was being picked up at 8.20am, I rose from my bed early to get ready for the long day a head. I had booked a day trip to Milford Sounds, a place recommended to me to visit.

When I got on the Kiwi Experience bus (rival company to Stray… I know I was a traitor for 1 day), I took a seat at the very back and started talking to those around me. The driver talked about different points of interest throughout the day and when he wasn’t talking, he played some tunes.

img_20161114_120538  DCIM117GOPRO

We stopped at a café for coffee before heading into the mobile service free zone. First, we parked up and walked to a waterfall, which was beautiful even though it was chucking it down with rain. Then just many viewpoints to take pictures, where we saw a common bird called Kia. Winding through the valleys with high, rocky, grey mountains either side was such a picture but also gave the feeling of being claustrophobic. I have never seen scenery like this with water running down the slopes of the mountains.


A little before 3pm, we arrived at the ferry port, where we were about to take a cruise around Milford Sounds. Once we were given our tickets, we lined up for the boat. In front of our eyes were mountains scattered along the gentle waterside with fog floating low, giving off a mysterious, eerie setting.

As the ferry pulled away, we grabbed some seats to take in the breath-taking view. It kind of reminded me of the setting in Nint Binh in Vietnam, but with so much more rain and clouds. The whole cruise took about 1 hour 30 minutes of sights of different rocks and many waterfalls including a huge one, where the water crashed into the lake and near our ferry.

img_20161114_145210  DCIM117GOPRO

Back on solid ground, we mounted the bus which basically dropped a group off that were doing the Deep South, while we retraced our drive from the morning back to Queenstown. By the time we got back to the city, it was 9.00pm so I ordered dominos before retreating back to the hostel to pack and sleep.

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