Pancake Rocks and Franz Joesf: relaxing and partying

img_20161108_113745Awaking nice and early, I grabbed some breakfast before finding a seat on the bus and moving on. Our first stop was pancake blowhole, where we went straight into the café to take advantage of the pancake deal, where I got 3 huge, light but American style pancakes with maple syrup and cream alongside a soy latte. It was so delicious.

Once we had finished, we walked along the path, first through a forest to the blowholes, where the wind was howling and water splashing at the side of these wizard hat, jagged rocks. The view was just stunning; every way I turned was just so picturesque.fb_img_1479199735705

Off again on the bus with a short stop in a town which was famous for the jade stone. We were given a little tour of a jade factory talking about how the stone is made and finished.

Then we carried on to the town of Franz Joesf, where the cloud started settling in and the heavens opening. We signed into the ice explorer place, where we would be getting a helicopter to the glaciers then hiking through them. However, it was all weather dependent and it wasn’t looking likely with the thunderous weather.

A two minute ride around the corner was our hostel: Rainforest. img_20161108_104541The owner was extremely bubbly, welcoming us into the little courtyard outside the restaurant, explaining the details of the hostel as well as giving away wine and pints.

The four of us girls decided to get an upgrade room with just us, a private bathroom and television. We chilled in the room for a bit, drinking wine and showering then we went to the restaurant for some food and of course some more wine.  Then we headed inside for some limbo. Limbo is not my sort of game, I am so bad at it with being the least flexible person ever. However, I still had one go, receiving a shot on the other side and chatted to some of the others. It was going to be a light, relaxed night as I wanted to enjoy the glacier the next day. I stayed out quite late talking to the locals and some other travellers then went to bed.DCIM117GOPRO

Luckily, I didn’t have to get up too early but when I woke up it was thundering with torrential rain. There was no way the glacier trip was going to happen. However, I still got up to ask reception and unfortunately it had been cancelled. I was so gutted as this was meant to be my highlight of New Zealand. I was debating to stay an extra night but again the weather wasn’t guaranteed. Also I kind of didn’t want to lose my girls and driver as they were moving on. The next bus was also full so I couldn’t anyway.img_20161108_114241

Instead, I went back to bed for a couple of hours before sorting myself out for the day. In the afternoon, I walked around town, buying some food then watched a movie in our room before relaxing in the hot tub, which was bliss. One of the girls decided to dye her hair, creating a purple mess in our bathroom and room. Oh dear.

In the evening, we had a pizza party, which was provided by the hostel.img_20161108_100701 Tables in the courtyard area were crowded with travellers, waiting for unlimited pizza to fill our stomachs. The girl at the bar got narky with me as I showed her 3 tickets to get a plate and drinks and she wanted to see the others ID. Fair enough. They came up with me and then told us we had already got our free drink because she had already seen our ID, which was untrue. Yes, she had seen our ID but we paid for the drink. In the end, I think it clicked that she had made a mistake but she didn’t admit it.

img_20161108_114554Anyway, back at the table, waiters started bringing out food; first hot chips and garlic bread and then pizza. There was a complete range of pizzas including veggie ones: margarita and an olive and feta pizza. It was lush. I was soon so full that my stomach was exploding. While eating, it was the US presidential election: Trump or Clinton. It was revealed that Trump had won, where he gave a speaking but didn’t seem that overjoyed. There was such a disappointing atmosphere amongst the crowd, where the future of the world will be changed.img_20161109_142845

After the pizza feast, a large group of us including some of the others that I travelled the North Island with played count to 21. You can say up to three numbers and the person who says 21 has to make up a rule including changing numbers, hitting another member, shouting ridiculous sayings and drinking when others drank. If a mistake is made, then you have to drink and start again. I stayed out for a while before collapsing on my bunk bed.

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