Foulwind cape, Westport and an awesome brewery tour, New Zealand

img_20161107_140939Waking up at a reasonable hour, I sorted out my stuff, ate some peanut butter on toast and mounted back on the bus for the next leg on our journey. From Abel Tasman, we travelled through Scenic routes to Foulwind Cape for a walk. On the hike up and down along the coast line cliff overlooking the rocky sculptures, the wind was blowing hard and in the distance we managed to see seal lying lazily on the rocks.img_20161107_143323 The walk was about 3km with incredible views all round.

The bus picked us up on the other end and took us to our accommodation in Westport. Three of us girls were rushed to check in as we had signed up for the brewery tour. img_20161107_142954Round the corner, our driver showed us the way to a same little warehouse where they brewed many different beers and ciders. Once we had paid, instantly we were given our first drink of a lager.
The tour guide talked to us about what is inside each beer tasting a variety of grains and wheats. As soon as one cup was empty, the next beer was poured from the tap. In totally, we had 8: lager, draught, black, green fern, pale ale, pilsner, caramel apple cider and apple cider. Surprisingly, my favourite was the pale ale, where I had quite a few. img_20161107_143136Our driver stayed with us, trying out the beers too. The brewer showed us the tanks and explained the beer process, which was interesting. At the end of the tour, we were cooked hotdogs and vegetable to soak up the alcohol. The tour also gave us 2 litre bottles of our choice to take back with us.

With music blaring out in the background, we decided to dance on the barrel for a laugh. At this point, the tour guide invited the four of us back to his house to chill and drink excess cider he needed to get rid of. Of course, we couldn’t refuse so on the way to his, we picked some stuff up at the hostel.

DCIM117GOPROAt his house, a pint was thrust into our hand where we decided to play Cranium. I hadn’t ever played this before but it’s basically a mixture of humming, miming, puppets, describing and drawing. I ended up playing with the driver, whereas the other two girls and the brewery guy were together. It was such a funny evening with ‘Carol’ coming out (one of the girls transformed into a new character every now and then), playing with the dog and cat in the house and generally all round laughs. fb_img_1479199741279It’s probably one of the best and most random evenings so far.

After midnight, we left his house, even though he did offer us a room, to go back to the hostel. The driver got locked out of the building so he had to bunk in our room which luckily had a spare bed.



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