New Zealand: Kaikoura and travelling to Auckland


The other girl was leaving for the airport at 4.30 in the morning but luckily for me I had a bit of a lie-in as I wasn’t being picked up until 9.30 from the international airport. Once I had gathered all my belongings, threw some coffee and toast down my throat, I was ready to leave.img_20161025_144802

My friend dropped me off at the airport, where I said my farewells and hugged as I don’t know when I will next see her. Finding my Stray bus was easy, where I showed my ID and placed my bag under the bus.DCIM117GOPRO

We cruised along the coastline to Kaikoura with the sun blazing and stunning views of the snowy mountains with various shade of the sea glistening. On the bus, accommodation and ferry was sorted. When we arrived in Kaikoura, we took some snaps at the view point overlooking the incredible sight. We dropped a few people at different activities before being dumped at the hostel ‘Lazy Shag’ to check in and grab some lunch.DCIM117GOPRO

Another girl and I bought fish and chips, which were only $5 (Super, Super cheap), and they were so delicious; one of the best. Then we got taken to a track on the peninsula to admire the seal on the rocks. We bush-walked around the coast, elevating high above the ground. I just can’t put into words the outlook. With the green fields and snowy mountains it looked like a scene from ‘The Sound of Music’. I took a load of photos. The walk wasn’t a hard at all. Turning back about mid-afternoon, we re-tracked our route to the beach area, which was covered with grey pebbles (but very different from the pebbles in my hometown).img_20161025_164948

Here, we popped into a sheep shearing farm, which I was apprehensive about because I didn’t know how they would be treated. I was able to hug and feed some lambs, which were adorable. In the shed, a sheep was brought out to have his coat cot off. It looked a bit discomforting for the sheep in his weird position but I understand that it needs to be cut. It was a relatively quick process. After, the farmer explain to us about what happens with the wool.

Leisurely, we walked back to the hostel stopping off at a park to go on the swings. In the evening,  I took a trip to the supermarket to buy some food, then cooked a meal and chilled with some other travellers.DCIM117GOPRO

Some of my fellow roomies woke up early to go dolphin swimming but I decided not to as I have seen dolphins in both Australia and Fiji. In the morning, I showered, ate some brekkie before heading on the road to go to the North Island. The scenery while driving was just spectacular of hills and sea with windy, bumpy roads. We parked on the side of the road at a seal colony to take some photos, then had a tea break in a café with a log fire. It totally reminded me of pub at home.img_20161026_134221

We carried on until we got to Picton where the Ferry Port was. Once we gave our bags for luggage storage, I took advantage of the free Wifi then walked to the bakery.

Around 2pm, we mounted onto the boat like the animals from Noah’s Ark and took a seat on some comfy chairs. For a three and a half hours ferry ride across to the North Island, it went super quick with a group of us chattering and nibble on some food.img_20161027_121558

On the other side, we disembarked the boat, grabbed our bags and waited for our shuttle, which took us to ‘Base’ hostel in the centre of Wellington.By the time, I had time to think what to do for the evening, it was already 6.30pm. I decided to walk to ‘New World’ supermarket to purchase some snack for the long journey I was going on the following day.img_20161027_150909

In the evening, I cooked some dinner and had a laissez-faire type of evening of again talking to some of the people on the Stray bus before having an early night.

The following day, we woke up early to meet our bus driver, where we found out that we couldn’t get our normal bus to Auckland as the bus lost a wheel on a previous trip. We were transported to an Intercity bus. The journey took about 12 hours, stopping at different places taking a break in a café with lamas and sheep.

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