I miss living in Asia: visiting The Philippines

philippines-mapSince being back in South-East Asia in The Philippines, I’ve realised there are a lot of things I miss about living in this part of the world:
– The easy living, relaxed lifestyle
– The cheapness of transport, food and accomodation. For example, a meal costs about 70 pesos (2 AUD, £1), to get a tricycle anywhere in town is about 10 pesos ( 30 Australian cents or 15p).
– The chaotic traffic with no lights and winding between vehicles
– Driving a motorbike easily and freely
– The friendliness of people wanting to say hello or have a conversation
– Unfortunately (or maybe for some people fortunately), I do receive a lot of attention for several reason 1. I’m foreign 2. I’m a women 3. I’m young 4. I’m blonde. Walking down the street, I get a beep or a wave or a hello or a wolf whistle or a comment about how beautiful I am, literally every minute.
– The hot, humid climate. I love this sort of weather.
– How early the day starts and finishes
– How things change so quickly. For example, I was meant to get the only ferry to another island yesterday and it was cancelled due to ‘big waves’.
– Being able to be in dresses and flip-flops everyday
– The on-street food establishments at the side of the road
– The scenery
– The dirt track roads
– No safety rules
– The lack of jay-walking fines
– The lateness of everything (this use to annoy me but now I just embrace it)
– The different currency
– I would say the food but The Philippines doesn’t have the best food
– Just having no plans and seeing where the day takes you
I mean the list could go on and on. I hope one day, I will be able to live in South-East Asia again. For now I will just embrace this beautiful country!

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