The Philippines: Travelling and Dumaguete

img_20160818_110919Off on another trip. About a week after I returned from my 2 month travel around Australia and Fiji, I booked a flight. It was a cheap flight so it justified. Plus I also wanted to go to The Philippines.

After several weeks of double, I took off 12 days to go to The Philippines. I boarded the plane late morning from Sydney without any hiccups. The flight was direct but also a decent amount of time. As I had bought a cheap airfare, there was no food or entertainment included. However, lucky, I can make time fly pretty quickly without really doing much apart from listening to music and writing.

When I landed, it was already dark. Receiving a new stamp in my passport, I passed border control with ease because I only took hand luggage. My first mission was to get to my hostel, which was meant to be in proximity to the airport. You would have thought this was an easy task but no. First, I took a free transit ride to a hostel which was apparently walking distance. It wasn’t so I thought the easiest way would be just to take a taxi which took me back through the airport with thousand of cars surrounding me. After about an hour of waiting in traffic, twiddling my thumbs, and directing the driver, I arrived at my hostel.img_20160818_084835

Next I banged on the door multiple times, where eventually a guy told me to wait while he rang up. Finally someone came down, asked for my name then closed the door  in my face to return back up stairs. I didn’t feel like I was in the safest of place in the dark with many local hanging out on the street. The receptionist returned, let me in and I checked in. I found out I was sharing a room with a family. For me, it wasn’t a problem but it did feel a little bit awkward and I could tell they weren’t impressed.

By this time, I was super hungry and tired as it was late at night, so I popped outside to find the nearest food establishment: Jobilee, a popular Filipino fast food restaurant. After being stared at and ordering food, I decided to eat back in the tiny hostel. Once I gobbled the tasty spaghetti down, I decided to call it night because I was getting up early the following day.

With my alarm waking me up at about 5am, I had a shower then took my bags in search of a taxi to take me back to the airport. This time, it took about 10 minutes. I checked in to the flight, bought a coffee and waited to board the flight to Dumaguete. It was a pretty stand flight with no much to report on.img_20160820_195735

When I arrived at the tiny airport, I stepped out into the scorching heat, flung my bag on my back and hopped onto a motorbike to take me to my hostel. This was just lush with the wind blowing through my hair and the exhilaration of riding again. This is totally one thing I miss about living in Asia.

Once I got to the hostel, I checked in and placed my bag in my shared dorm. The hostel was great with a lovely outside area and a kitchen to cook for myself.

One reason I came to the Philippines was to go scuba diving so my first port of call was to book a day trip to Apo Island. After speaking to reception, they pointed me in the right direction to organise a trip.img_20160818_104448

I found out the best place was in the centre, only 10 minutes walk away. After booking a scuba diving trip for the next day, I wandered around the centre, which was nothing special: normal kinds of shops, heaps of traffic, friendly people, the dusty air with high humidity. Walking along the promenade area looking over the water with ferries awaiting people was beautiful and tranquil. There really wasn’t much to do or see.

As I strolled back to the hostel covered in sweat, I stopped off to get a bite to eat. I rested a little before taking some more time to explore, where I went to the beach in the opposite direct, but it was disappointing with dirty sand. There were Filipinos just in small hammocks, where I felt I was intruding their space so I turned back.
On the way, a guy on a bike stopped to chat with me and invite me to his bar but I felt a bit awkward so didn’t end up going.

For the rest of the day, I just chilled, scoffed some food and have a nap. I was placed in a 4 bed dorm with the bed being thin and uncomfortable. The outdoor space looked onto a large gardens and the cabins of toilets and showers.









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