Touring Fiji, Viti Levu: school, bilibili rafting, cliff jumping and fun all round


The next day, rising early, we scoffed down our buffet breakfast, packed and got ready to leave. I bid farewell to the dutch girls and hopped on to the jetty. On the other side, back on the mainland, we drove along the main road, through towns and hills, to our hotel on the south of Viti Leva. After checking-in, we had a bite to eat at the beautiful resort, which over looked the beach.img_20160620_134548

We put our things in our dorm room, which was a huge cabin. Then headed to do the Biausevu trek, where we got dropped off at the bottom of a hill. First, we walked uphill on a stony path, passed a few houses. Next, walking through a man-made trail with bushes around us and trying to avoid standing on a snake, we saw a stunning view of greenery. On the walk, I slipped on the stones to cross a river and then along a hilly, muddy path, I fell on my backside, where I couldn’t stop laughing.DCIM104GOPRO

At the end of a hike was a beautiful waterfall, where there was a 10m jump into the fall. And of course, I cliff jumped. It was such an exhilarating feeling of falling. Majority of the group did the jump, even though some were frightened. We chilled in the water for a while before take the short cut back to the van, where we drove back to our resort.
In the evening, we relaxed in our room then went to the restaurant for dinner. There was an acoustic band bringing us entertainment as we chatted.DCIM104GOPRO

The following day, we hurried down for breakfast early as the food was just meant to be the best with pancakes, cooked and continental brekkie.Once packed, we got in the road again around the island, where we stopped in the capital. Suva was a huge town compared to the other parts but relatively small in contrast with other capitals in the world. There was nothing special about it and just had a shopping area with unexciting shops. We did, however, stop in front of the government house where there was a guard standing out. we hopped off the minibus to take some selfies with the guard and the area. as we were driving through the rest of the city, Amy talked about many other parts and a little about the history of Fiji.DCIM104GOPRO

Our next stop, several miles on, was a typical Fijian village, Nasutoka. On the way, our group was told about the kava ceremony we were going to experience, making sure we were respectful but know the agenda of it. When we got off the bus, we had to make sure our shoulders were covered and that we were wearing a long skirt (even the male among us). A chief from the our circle was appointed. At the door of the large, open, simple room, we were given a necklace made from banana leaves and a flower. The ceremony was very interesting, with a chief at the front, three others facing him and us sitting on the floor at the sides. After the initial speeches and giving of the offerings, we all had a taste of the kava.img_20160620_155834

Once the ceremony was over, we walked out the room, had a mini tour of the surrounding and waited for our traditional lunch to be set up on the floor like a picnic. The food spanned from meat, fish to fried aubergine, fritters and plantain. It was so delicious but also extremely greasy.

Next of the days activities was the bilibili rafting, where we changed in to our swim gear. As three of us sat on a bamboo float, a Fijian guy paddled the boat up to the river back to our bus. The scenery was stunning with a cool breeze blowing through our hair. We were able to stand on the raft and take pictures.DCIM104GOPRO

The last part of the day, we were taken to the village school, where they had just finished their lessons. Assembled together, the primary school children performed some songs and dances to us while we just introduced ourselves to them. Towards the end of the day, we chatted to the children and took photos with them before jumping back on the bus. As we drove through the villages to the Golden point Resort, the sun slowly set.

When we arrived, we were all feeling tired so we rested in our dorm while waiting for our dinner to be served. In the restaurant, we ate our food, where I ate a tasteless curry. img_20160620_133621Next, to our surprise with lack of interest from the group, the staff put on a show of dancing and singing. It was entertaining but in terms of funny and not too good compared to the other shows we had seen. They were so full of enthusiasm and energy, pulling us up to join them with the Fijian Macarena. Tiresomely, we all parts of my body aching, we followed the moves. Soon enough though, the entertainment was finished and we were able to rest our head for the day ahead.

Waking up for the toilet early was a bonus this morning as it just happened to be when the sun was rising. And, I can definitely say what an incredible view over the peaceful water. Once I had a little more time sleeping, I did my normal travelling routine then I sat around a table in the restaurant for my breakfast. It was a slight disappointment but it did fill a hole. In the morning, there was about an hour to spare before leaving the resort. The owner had organised a fish feeding session over the rock but it was literally watching a guy in the distance giving some food to a few fish.img_20160621_100855

On the road, we travelled through scenic Indo-Fijian sugar cane belts to the second biggest city, Lautoka, where we wandered around and grabbed a bite to eat. So… it wasn’t my choice but we ended up eating in McDonalds but as with every McD’s I go to, there is always a slightly different menu but I went with my standard choice.

A little further down, we turned off to have a stop off at the Sabeto hot pool. They were outside in the fresh air with no official building with a mountainous view in the background. Striping to our swimwear, we smothered thick mud all over our bodies including our faces. of course, we had to take some picture of the momentous occasion.


With all the mud dried with the sun’s help, we lowered ourselves into the warm mud pool to relax. The squelching mud in between my toes did freak me out a little but after a while I got used to it. We must have looked strange to the few locals in the pool. Imagine a group of young foreigners screeching and squealing in a large bath full of mud. Strange.

When we were ready, we transferred to the hot spring, which was all naturally heated to about 65 degree. Luckily, the water flows through a tube lowering the temperature to about 40 degrees for us to bathe in. It was lush. It felt such a treat and well-deserved after all the travelling and walking we had done, plus I just love hot springs.DCIM104GOPRO

Later in the after, we were driven the last leg of our journey back to Nadi, where we stayed in a different hostel to the one I was in before. Once we had dropped our bags in our room, I had a shower before heading to the restaurant next door for a cheap pizza with some of the others. Then, we grabbed some beers from the shop (mainly because we were cheap travellers) and sat on the beach near our hostel. chatting and laughing, we moved to the kava circle to experience and taste some more kava as well as listen to the locals playing the guitar before heading to bed for an early start.



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