Beachcomber Island and last days of travelling

DCIM104GOPROWith our stomachs filled with breakfast and our bags packed, we were transfered early morning by minivan then jetty to Beachcomber Island. After arriving on Island, we did our standard check-in procedure and chilled on the beach. For the rest of the  afternoon, we ate a buffet lunch, played volleyball and went snorkeling. Again, in the evening, there was some live entertainment of dancing and singing. it was good but not as good as the first show we saw. A few of us decided to play some volleyball after the show while drinking beers but not for too long as we were feeling sleepy.DCIM104GOPRO

The following day, four of us hired paddle boards and canoes, where we splashed around, failing to balance and smashing into the clear water. I wanted to go paragliding but unfortunately there wasn’t any wind. We also walked around the tiny island, taking photos and scraping my feet against to stones. After scoffing some food down, I left the group to return back to the main island. Everyone else was continuing onto some of the other island but I was coming to the end of my travels.DCIM105GOPRO

I caught the boat back to Vitu Levi Island and was taken to my hostel near the other hostels. I arrived early evening, where I struggled to find my room but did eventually. I took a shower then walked to the hostel I first stayed at to eat the traditional Fijian meal of steamed fish and rice.  I spoke to a few people and joined the kava ceremony before heading back to my hostel to sleep. DCIM104GOPROHowever, when I returned to my room, I realised I had no sheets or pillows so I had to speak to reception but eventually got some sleep.

I can’t believe I was going back to Sydney after 2 months of travelling. It’s insane! Where has the time gone? I absolutely loved Fiji and was so tempted to cancel my flight and start a new life here but in the end I decided to go back to Sydney to see where life would take me next.



On my last day, I ate some breakfast then strolled down to the beach to relax and get the last of some rays. I bought a sandwich from a cafe place and went back to my hostel to lie by the pool. It was time to leave! Being picked up at the hostel and taken to the airport was pretty uneventful. I checked-in, dropped off my bag and waited to board the plane. I was soon back in Sydney in my old house. It was exactly the same as before I left. It’s weird this concept of travelling and returning with everything the same. All I can say is that I had an incredible two months exploring new places, meeting some amazing people and experiencing some new cultures. Until next time…

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