Rottnest Island: spectacular views and cute little quokkas


Rottnest Island was such an incredible day in Western Australia and I would totally recommend visiting if you’re in the general area. It’s an island just off the coast slightly south of Perth with picturesque views and many animals to satisfy anyone’s needs.IMG_20160610_131317

After my normal routine of showers and breakfast, I walked to the train station in the heavy rain, where I got soaking wet. I was praying for a beautiful day as I was heading to Rottnest Island and with the rain, it would just have ruined my day. Even on the train to Freemantle port, the rain kept coming.IMG_20160610_113007

I wasn’t going to give up, I had woken up early and got to the port, where I bought my ferry ticket and a cup of coffee. The ferry departed not long late to Rottnest Island, which is a must do if you are near and around Perth.DCIM103GOPRO

Luckily, as the boat parked into the ferry port on the island the sun broke through the clouds. I wanted to see as much of the island during the day but also felt a little lazy so I didn’t want to hire a bike. Instead, I bought a hop on-hop off bus ticket, which I was so glad I did. The island is bigger than I first thought and with the hilly tracks, there was no way I would have been able to ride around the whole island in a day and stopped to see different parts.IMG_20160610_114837

Generally the bus driver were really friendly and helpful with some of them giving information about different parts of the island. My first port of call was Little Salmon Bay, where I walked to the next bus stop at Parker’s point. The view with the ocean and the rocks and the hills were just spectacular.IMG_20160610_130954

The only problem with the bus was that it came at certain times so I had to plan my day to a tea, to see everything I wanted and get back to the boat on time. I kind of strolled to the next stop quickly as I was afraid of missing my bus.DCIM104GOPRO

Next, I went to Wadjedmup Lighthouse in the middle of the island. I walked uphil to the lighthouse. The people inside were very friendly but I felt pressured to pay to go up the lighthouse, where I didn’t have much time because of the next bus coming. The view beautiful of the sea, the lake and the mines.


After, I carried on to the end of the Island. There was a section with a kind of bridge and picturesque rocks with tunnels and water splashing against them. Over the other side was an area where I could see million, well not quite million, but definitely about fifty seal squawking and swimming and relaxing on a huge rock off the mainland island.IMG_20160610_152549

As I was waiting for the bus, a little Quokka, which is an furry animal only on Rottnest Island, was just scurrying around while other tourists were taking photos. It was so cute. The next stop was Georgie bay, where there were small apartment, a restaurant and convenient store as this was the place to stay if you were sleeping on the island overnight. There was a small, dirty beach, where I saw several different birds and another cute quokka, who I just played with.IMG_20160610_115437

My last stop was back at the start where the ferry port was as well as several food establishments, chalets and a light house. By now, I was getting hungry so I grabbed a DCIM103GOPROfish, toasted Subway and sat on the benches outside. To my surprise, a peacock was roaming around spreading it wings. While I was walking along the beach side, I saw a lot of quokkas nibbling on food and running around. I decided to sit by them where one of them
climbed onto my legs and rested on my lower stomach. This totally made my day. It was just amazing.

My ferry was soon departing so I scarpered to the port. On top of a high street light, a pelican perched peacefully watching the world go by. I can’t believe how many different animals I have seen on this island.IMG_20160610_113613

After taking the boat back to Freemantle, I decided to wandDCIM104GOPROer around the area to experience the market, where there was a variety of foods and gimmicky shops, and then I visited the prison before getting a train back to the city centre.

As I had such a long busy day, I spoke to some of the people in my room, made some food and watched a film before falling asleep.

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