Port Douglas: walks, beaches and beautiful views


IMG_20160602_174414Port Douglas was a short stop but definitely worth the visit.IMG_20160603_154534

Once I arrived there late afternoon, I checked into the hostel then walked less than five minutes to the harbour to witness the beautiful sunset, which just reflect on the waters nicely.

My hostel was mostly full of long term travellers, finding jobs, which I find means that they are not so friendly as they have their friends already and to be honest, I was only going to be there one night.IMG_20160603_112648

In the evening, I didn’t do to much: just went to Coles, cooked dinner and was invited out. However, I was feeling tired and not up for it, then someone put the new Jungle Book film on in the hostel so watched that. Before I went to bed, I spoke to my mum on Skype then clasped into bed.IMG_20160603_121953

The next day, I casually got up and checked out, leaving my bag at reception as I wasn’t being picked up until late afternoon.

In the morning, I walked down to the harbour and park then up the steep hill to the view point of the beach and city, which was so picturesque. For lunch, I was craving pancake so I brought a mix from Coles and made some in the hostel.IMG_20160603_142436

In the afternoon, I went down to the beach, walked around the shops and laid in the sun. Just a bit of a chilled day.IMG_20160603_114401

Waiting for my bus to pick me up, I panicked slightly as it was extremely late and I saw two drive pass without stopping. In the end, I rang them up, and figured out that they had forgotten me. Eventually after an hours of so, I got collected and taken back to my hostel in Cairns.

Port Douglas, it’s been short, enjoyable and relaxing.

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