Cape Tribulation: where two World Heritages meet


From Cairns I took a tour up North towards Cape Tribulation. On the mini bus was the British girl, I met on the Great Barrier Reef tour.

As we were driving to Mosman Gorge, we stopped to take some pictures of the view by the ocean, looking over Port Douglas. At Mosman Gorge, we chilled while others ordered and ate breakfast.IMG_20160601_085602

After we stood around a newly lit fire to experience the aboriginal’s smoking ceremony, where we waited for the fire to start smoking before we turned while walking around the fire the cover ourselves in smoke. I think the purpose of this was to get rid of all evil spirits before entering the gorge. Then, one of the aboriginal guys made a paint mix out of water, coal, natural rock and chalk to form different colours. Two volunteers were painted in a traditional way on the face and their arm, where each symbol represented a different icon and meaning. It was so interesting to hear about the aboriginal culture, where a lot of the traditions and customs they still do, for example, the husband isn’t allowed to eat or meet the father in law. In the past, they were allowed to marry multiple woman but they gave now changed that rule.IMG_20160601_101112

Then we trekked it up some windy oath, through the rain forest to a mental, bouncy bridge over the gorge then we turned around, watching out for any new wild life, where we saw two lizard-dragon things, hiding in camouflage in the trees. Resting by the lake with the calming noise of the water hitting rocks and gently surging downstream, while other Sam in the freezing water.IMG_20160602_150638

At a certain time, we had to get back on the bus to a crocodile infested lake to take a cruise around the waters. We saw several crocodiles hiding at the side of the lake in grassy area. Some crocodiles were 4 metres long.

From here, we drove up a windy road towards Cape tribulation to take a few of us to our hostel for the night while the other carried on for food and the rest of the day tour. On the way, we went passed the spot where some Aussie lady had been taken by a crocodile 3 days earlier so there was a camera crew and a large cage to place the crocodile in when its been caught.DCIM103GOPRO

I was the only one staying at my hostel, where I checked in, dropped my stuff off in my empty room before making some lunch as I was starving.

In the afternoon, I walked along the.only road for about half an hour with bamboo trees and rainforest cluttering the side. I reached the cafe, which had a water hole out back, where I could swim but the ground was full of stone so it wasn’t so easy to walk through and parts were too shallow to swim.IMG_20160602_125328

On the way back to the hostel, I bush walked along boardwalks, admiring the different trees and wildlife including these little rat like animals digging. Then I wandered along the beach, making sure I wasn’t too close to the ocean as I was slightly scared about crocodiles and jellyfish.

Back at the hostel, I changed rooms so I was was sharing with others, where I got to know a few of them: a chatty English guys and two girls from the Netherlands. As I was tired I had a short nap before making dinner in the hostel kitchen.DCIM103GOPRO

I ended up sitting and chatting to these two older English guys, who were so lovely. I just find older people so interesting with their stories and personalities. They shred their starter with me of cheese and biscuits, crisps and avocado with oil. I thought I didn’t like avocado but it was actually quite tasty. It was so refreshing listening to their adventures around Australia in their campervan.IMG_20160602_141012

Later, I went into the bar area to play an Italian card game with the people from my room, where I won. I think it was beginners luck but it was a simple concept once all the rules were explained. There was a massive rugby game playing, where Queensland vs New South Wales were playing. The group of us decided to go down to the beach to look at the stars. It was so dark but the stars looked amazing. Then we headed to bed for an earlyish night.

The following day, I did the standard waking a up and checking out thing before having breakfast, where I sat with the same twIMG_20160602_123943o guys again. Until lunch time, I wandered in the opposite direction to the day before and found a view point of where the two world heritage points met: daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. It was a beautiful view over the beach. It was slightly ruined by the amount of people on the beach. I walked along the beach to a more remote area. Then, I returned to the hostel, scouting through the rain forest then the beach. The sea breeze air was bliss.

At the hostel, I ate some lunch the waited to be picked up by the mini van to take me to the next part of the journey. While waiting, I saw some beautiful blue butterflies.IMG_20160602_140754
First, we were to a boardwalk through the rain forest, where the guide spoke about different types of trees: how old they were, the types and the feel of them. We saw several different creatures including spitting fish, a yellow and black caterpillar, dragon- lizard things, a little green fly, which we could eat, tasting of lime, kind of.

The, we drove to a homemade, organic ice-cream shop with over 30 flavours: some were a little strange like liquorice or Daintree rain forest or pumpkin and cinnamon or Guinness but I decided to go for passion fruit, which was so creamy and tasty. I felt like I was in heaven. Every spoonful got better and better.

When we had finished ordering we hopped back on the bus to a view point looking over the reef with Port Douglas in the distant. It was such a beautiful view.IMG_20160602_153130

After, a few of us were taken to hostels in Port Douglas, whereas others went back to Cairns.

Cape Tribulation was a relaxing and beautiful place. It had a different but a great vibe and atmosphere, where I could re-energise and spend some alone time after the manic weeks of travelling up the East Coast.

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