Agnes Waters, Town of 1770: surfing and fish and chips


Agnes Waters was a sweet but short stop.

After a few hours on the coach, I arrived in the evening, where I was picked up to be taken to my hostel. It was a very quiet hostel but also a friendly one.DCIM102GOPRO

I hadn’t really planned to do too much here apart from relax. Outside under the glowing lamp on a stool, I sat here chatting to my mum on Skype. Then I got chatting to one of the workers of the hostel from England, where I ended up drinking goon, chilling and watching a movie before going to bed. It was definitely a later one than planned with only a couple of hours sleep.

In the morning, I had a shower and complimentary breads and spreads. I decided to have a surf lesson as it was soDCIM102GOPRO cheap. It only cost $22 for a three hour sesh with three other people. Normally, on the Gold Coast, it costs $45 and in Sydney between $80-100 per three hours so it was such a bargain. I would totally recommend surfing here if you want to learn as it’s cheaper but also it has beginner waves.

Once I got picked up, the four of us were taken down to a secluded beach. Carrying our surfboards, we walked along a boardwalk then across the whole beach, which seemed like it took forever. At least the surf boards weren’t as heavy as last time. IMG_20160522_172341

The girl who taught us went through the basics and we practiced once or twice to stand on the board. I have to say, she wasn’t the best teacher and didn’t go through some things, which I had learnt before from another lesson.

We were soon in the water. I knew I was going to struggle to stand up but I was determined. With the water a little chilly and a low tide, it took a while to find the right depth of water to start surfing. I laid on my surf board, looking back to catch the next wave the started frantically swimming. As soon as the wave hit the back of the board, I pushed myself up but unluckily couldn’t manage to stand up. I safely crashed into the waters. IMG_20160522_142237After a couple more tries, I managed to stand up on the board. However, I was feeling exhausted from  pushing the board to the correct spot with the wave forcing its way passed me in the opposite direction. What was good about this lesson was that you could keep attempting at surfing until you gave up. Whereas the previous lesson I had, I must have had about three goes in the sea.

After about two hours, I was exhausted so I sat on the beach looking at other’s paddle boarding and surfing.

At about lunchtime, we were taken back to our hostel. I grabbed some lunch then headed down the beach with a few of the hostel workers. The weather wasn’t the best with clouds in the sky and a strong wind. I did, however, still took a dip in the ocean. I didn’t stay there too long as I was getting cold.

Two of us strolled into town in search of some food. We found, literally, the best fish and chip place, where we shared a fisherman’s basket: prawns, seafood stick, calamari, scallop, fish pieces and chips with cheese and gravy. It was mouth-watering! Thinking back, it has made me feel so hungry for it now.

After, I chilled at the hostel before catch the Greyhound to my next destination.

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