Noosa: coastal walks and friends


After a couple of hours travelling on Greyhound, I arrived in Noosa, where I walked 10 minutes to the hostel. Once I checked in and dropped my luggage off in my room, I headed to the kitchen.

Previously, I had been in contact with a Swedish friend I met while travelling South East Asia and stayed with me in Sydney for New Year. We figured out that we would be in Noosa at the same time so we could catch up. To my surprise, I bumped into him in the kitchen.

I made some dinner before sitting with my friend plus 2 travellers from Germany. Around the hostel, there seemed to be many English Northerners, which, quite frankly, were loud girls. I still try to not hang out with English people because I can meet them when I’m in the UK. Generally, I chat to people from all around the world, receiving a wealth of knowledge about places, people and culture, however, sometimes it can’t be avoided.IMG_20160515_124602

In the evening, the four of us bought some goon and found a spot, literally, on the streets behind a petrol station to play games and drink because the hostel didn’t allow BYO.   One of the guys introduced us to a dice game called 3 man, which was extremely simple.  One person was the 3 man. You had to roll two dice, if you got a 3 or the two dice added up to a 3, the 3 man had to drink. If you got a double, you made up a rule. It was a fun night but we ended up going to bed pretty early.

IMG_20160516_102626The next morning, we arose around 9, where we grouped together to buy some breakfast from Coles. Then ate together before the German guy had to catch a bus to his next destination. One of pleasures of travelling is that you meet a lot of people but unfortunately some of them are only meant to be part of your life for a slither of time before departing ways. It’s strange how you can feel close knowing them for a moment and the short experiences you have with fellow travellers.

During the day, we hung out on Noosa beach, which was about 20 minute walk from our hostel, where we laid in the sun, soaking up some rays. After some deliberation, we decided to do a 10 km coast walk around the cliffs. It was just so peaceful dawdling along the paths, admiring the beach views along the stony, windy paths. IMG_20160515_144131

The evening was extremely chilled. The other two booked a Everglade, canoe tour for the following day, which I wish I could have done but I was leaving the next day to Rainbow beach. I wanted to have 1 more day in Noosa to do this, however due to having to move my schedule because of my Whitsundays tour not operating on a certain day, I had to have 1 less day along the road, and it happened to be in Noosa. It only means, I will have to come back here to do the Everglades.

After, we collaborated together to buy and make dinner, where we cooked smoked salmon and mushroom risotto, which is one of my favourite meals. we just kind of chatted and hung out after before heading to bed reasonably early.This was going t0 be the last time I would see my Swedish friend as he was returning back to his country soon.IMG_20160516_103910

The following day, I leisurely got up, sorted out my things and checked out. My bus wasn’t until early afternoon so I had the morning not to do too much. I decided to walk down to the beach, walk around the forest close by and relax at the hostel.

My time in Noosa was short but also lovely to see old friends and see the beautiful views, it had offered. Farewell Noosa. Hello Rainbow Beach.



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  1. notlizzi
    Jul 22, 2016 @ 03:23:22

    I loved Noosa! Did a whole post on it myself. Hope you enjoyed it 😊


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